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New Sound Effects Sharing Book Arriving Soon - Stack of Books

I’ve often written here that I believe that the entire craft of pro audio improves as more exceptional sound libraries surround us. I believe our field recording community is packed with talented people who capture clips that will inspire us all.

Earlier this year I decided to put my money where my ideas were. Why not put that concept into practice? So, for the past two months I’ve been writing a book that explains how to do two things:

  1. Build an exceptional indie sound library bundle.
  2. Host that collection on a website you own.

The goal of the book is to help everyone share their creations with fans worldwide and find freedom while doing so.

In this post I’ll explain the broad strokes of the project.

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How to Protect Sound Library Samples - Lock and Key

In a recent article, I explained how to create a sound library preview montage for your pack or sound library. I shared some ideas on the importance of sound previews beyond the basic, literal demo tracks.

But all of this talk about sharing sound online invites another question: if you’ve created a great preview that showcases your best work, doesn’t it put your library at risk?

It’s true. We all know that sample pirating exists. There are ways to rip audio from Flash players, and that includes SoundCloud. It’s easy to find the direct link to your preview and download it from your website. Once your library is digitized and online, there is a risk it may be stolen. It’s unfortunate, but it’s reality.

How can you offer your best work online, and protect it?

There are three ways to deal with sample theft. I’ll explain each in this article.

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National Univeristy of Galway, Ireland, courtesy of Martie Swart

I was recently involved with an exciting project: lecturing about field recording for Edinburgh Napier University. I worked with Napier’s Dr. Iain McGregor to talk about capturing sound effects beyond the studio.

I’ve never really spoken about field recording before. I’m comfortable writing ideas, but speaking about them is a completely different matter. I didn’t have much practice, so, I wasn’t sure how it would settle on me.

The result? I really enjoyed the lecture. And, in the process, I had a few thoughts about field recording and community. I’ll share a bit about that, and the experience lecturing, in today’s post. My hope is that some discoveries I’ve made can help you with your own field recordings.

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Shaun Farley and Tortoise

A sound effect may last minutes, or mere seconds. Its life has a longer arc, however. It begins with research, and then, after many hours and countless steps, ends by sharing it with listeners and fans.

Field recordists need many skills to help usher a sound along this journey. Some of these are similar: editing and mastering, for example. Others, like sharing sound, require completely different mastery.

Shaun Farley is someone who has led his sound effects along this path. Farley is a sound editor and mixer based in Washington, D.C.. He is known for his extensive knowledge of sound theory, equipment, and software, which he shares on his blog at, on Twitter, and forums such as He has guest starred on the Tonebenders podcast. He is also contributing editor at the world’s most popular sound design and field recording blog,

Most recently, though, Farley branched into a new realm: sharing sound effects. Last month he released a sound effects bundle. It is his first collection, named Fabric. It’s an impressive offering: over 9,000 files in 6.5 gigabytes.

I’ve been discussing sharing sound here for a while. I’ve been interested how field recording and sharing sound intersect. When I saw Shaun had released his first collection, I was immediately curious. I was interested to learn about his experience sharing sound with the community. He kindly took time to share with me his thoughts and experiences taking his field recordings, and sharing them worldwide.

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Selling Creative Sound - Upgraded Edition, Nexus 7

I’m very happy to announce that my e-Book, Selling Creative Sound, is now available for instant download.

It’s my second book about sound effects. It has a new twist: selling sound clips on the Web with fans eager to support you.

I began this book almost exactly one year ago, and I’m thrilled to finally share it with you today. Discover more in the bookstore.

What is it? How can it help you?

I’ll explain the idea behind the book in this post, and why you may want to read more.

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A quick post with a few changes here on the site.


You’ll notice I’ve applied a new look to the site:

  • Crisper design. Larger sans-serif font. Generally cleaner.
  • It’s responsive. Try resizing the browser window and watch the site automatically reshape. A responsive design is helpful with the growing mobile traffic.
  • Better social icons in the top bar, including a link (finally) to my SoundCloud account (browse for free sound effect downloads there).
  • Redesigned sitemap. Lost? The sitemap is at the base of every page.
  • Redesigned site archives. Browse through older articles.


A few changes on the store in time for the upcoming e-Book launch.

  • Full military-grade 2048-bit SSL encryption on checkout pages.
  • Credit cards now processed directly on the site. No pesky diversions to PayPal, unless you want to pay from your funds.

That’s it for now. More news later.

We have a new RSS feed, and it’s far better than the last one.

It’s an improved way to receive and view new sound effects articles from our site.

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