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Sound Effects Search Hero Tablet

Last year, I created a new “Community” tab on the website’s menu bar. The first page I announced was a list of field recording blogs. The second listed community Web shops.

My hope for those pages was to spread field recording knowledge and share all the excellent sound libraries you’ve created. I believe that all of our work improves when more audio knowledge and better sound surrounds us. I had hoped to contribute a small resource that would give back to the field recording community I’ve enjoyed being a part of.

Many of you wrote to tell me you found those pages useful. So, inspired by that, I’ve released a small, new tool which I also hope will help the sound design and field recording communities: Sound Effects Search.

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I just read an exceptionally well-written article about Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, on the New York Times website.

The article discusses how websites achieve high ranking on search engines, and how this may be affected via paid ads. It also examines ‘black hat’ or unscrupulous techniques to increase a web site’s rank. Continue Reading…