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2013 Review Hero

At the end of every year I share a retrospective on the field recording articles of the previous year. If you’re new here, it’s a good way to get an overview of what the site’s about.

I’ve included a brief comment with each article describing what it is about, and why I wrote it.

Thank you everyone who visited, commented, Tweeted, and emailed in 2013!

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This post will conclude the 2011 review roundup posts. Next week I have a new field recording report in the works.

On this blog I’ve gradually focused writing about four things:

  • field recording
  • travel, a sense of place and sound
  • selling sound effects
  • creativity and field recording

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This year I decided to write about field recording sound effects for my website Airborne Sound. I call them ‘Field Reports,’ in the spirit of dispatches from the ‘front.’

I originally wrote them to share tips and tricks I learned during the process. I also wanted to offer recordings for your listening pleasure and get feedback in the process.

In each field report I describe the approach and challenges then provide the results.

In later posts I have jotted down thoughts on the process, lessons I learned and reflections on how field recordings affect the recordist and the listener.

Here are the sound effect field reports from 2011.
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