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Sound Devices MixPre Chat: A New Tonebenders Podcast Episode

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Tonebenders co-host René Coronado on their excellent field recording and sound design podcast. It was the second time I had the opportunity to appear there. A few years ago I was on the show chatting about sound effects mastering and databasing.

This time, René and I chatted about the new Sound Devices MixPre models released earlier this year. We began the 75 minute chat discussing the MixPre-3 and MixPre-6. That conversation grew into a discussion about choosing equipment thoughtfully, and how one can intertwine their craft with gear choices for superior results.

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The State of Indie Sound Effects: New Podcast Episode Available


You may have noticed there haven’t been many new articles on the site recently. The blog isn’t dead. I’ve just been on a bit of a sabbatical from writing about field recording. I have many articles nearing completion, and I’m excited to share them with you when I return.

I haven’t stopped thinking about field recording and sound effects while away from the site, though. So, I was quite excited when I was kindly invited to share those thoughts with the gentlemen from the A Sound Effect podcast.

Last year I had completed an indie sound fx library search engine website, Sound Effects Search. A Sound Effect’s Asbjoern Andersen asked me my thoughts on the state of indie sound bundles on the inaugural episode after adding over 800 collections to the new search engine.

Sound Effects Search website

Sound Effects Search website

The team had the interesting idea to check in on the concept, one year later. So, last month they graciously asked me my impressions of community sound bundles now. I sat down with Christian Hagelskjaer From, who served up some intriguing questions. In the podcast we share ideas about how the sound clip landscape has changed, and what that means. What I especially liked about Christian’s questions was that they were aimed towards helping new people contribute packages with fresh angles and ideas.

That gave me an opportunity to ramble on about one of my favourite subjects: how sound pros can move beyond stats and tech specs to create exceptional sound libraries. It was interesting that the discussion moved away from a report to an exchange of ideas of how sound pros can share meaningful sound clips with the community.

Do you capture field recordings or create sound libraries? If so, you may find the podcast interesting. It’s my hope that the questions will do for you what they did for me: to consider how I can capture and share more meaningful field recordings the next time I press “record.”

Check out Episode 3 of the A Sound Effect Podcast.

Read more on the A Sound Effect blog post.

My thanks to the A Sound Effect team for inviting me to be a part of their podcast.

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Introducing a New Sound Effects Podcast

Introducing a New Sound Effects Podcast Hero 300x

A few years ago I posted a Q & A with Asbjoern Andersen, owner of the independent sound library sharing website, A Sound Effect.

At that time (2013!), his website had just launched. A Sound Effect has changed quite a bit since then. They now sell sound libraries directly (including some of mine). Just today they added a new feature: a podcast devoted entirely to independent sound effects libraries.

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