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13 Lucky iZotope RX Tricks for Newbies Hero

In an earlier article I shared ways to approach restoring damaged sound effects. That dealt with ideas and perspective.

Today’s post will share more direct tips. I’ll explain practical tricks to help you get better results. I’ll start with general tips that can be applied to any restoration app. Toward the end, I’ll include suggestions specifically tailored to iZotope’s RX software.

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6 Sound Effect Restoration Tips Hero

Earlier I wrote about an update to a popular audio restoration app, iZotope’s RX3. That software has the powerful ability to recover damaged audio and restore precious clips that would be useless otherwise.

Clicks, crackle, hum, and noise are all irritating problems for sound pros. Why? They often mean the difference between using the audio, or deleting it.

This is why restoration software like RX and its peers seem almost miraculous. It gets dialogue editors, mastering techs, and post crew out of tight spots. Part of this is learning the tools: the settings, switches, and plug-ins that do the job best. These are essential, but ultimately they can be figured out with practice.

Today I’d like to share something different: the perspective needed when restoring audio. These are ideas that are helpful when beginning restoration. They’re not about settings. They’re more about cultivating an approach to denoising that will save you work, time, and help you transform sound effects you’re proud of.

Looking for concrete tech tips? I’ll share specific iZotope RX suggestions in an upcoming article.

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2014 01 RX Changes Hero 2

I recently purchased iZotope’s RX3 software. RX is the well-known industry standard for repairing damaged audio.

RX3 was released last fall as a paid upgrade to its popular predecessor. It refined some tools, and introduced some new ones, notably the Dereverb and realtime Dialogue Denoise modules.

The upgrade has received a lot of press lately. But is it hype, or a helpful upgrade?

Today I’ll focus on one thing: the feature differences between RX3 and RX2. I’ll get to audio quality and examples at a later date. And, since I record and master field recordings, this post will have a strong sound effects mastering slant.

New to RX? No problem. I’ll also include an overview for those of you unfamiliar with the software.

Ready for a deep dive into the new RX3 features? Grab a coffee (this is a long one) and read on.

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