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While some of you have been followers since the Creative Field Recording blog began early 2011, many of you are new readers.

There’s a lot of information here. In fact, over 300,000 words in 300+ articles so far. Where do you start?

You can browse articles on field recording, the best posts by year, popular article series, and read ways of keeping in touch.

Articles on Field Recording Sound Effects

I write about field recording worldwide and being creative while doing this. I also write about selling sound effects on the web.

  • Field Recording Sound Effects Worldwide

    I call field recording missions recording sound effects ‘field reports.’

    In field report articles I write about my goal, challenges getting there, and reflections on the process. There are always sound effect previews, and sometimes free downloads.

    Browse the field recording field reports.

    I also write about sound effects recording technique and field recording generally.

  • Creativity While Field Recording

    I’ve explored ideas how to remain creative while recording sound effects.

    I’ve written about new ways to approach field recording sound effects in a thoughtful way. I look at ways to record while being respectful and aware of the sound itself. I also often write about recording with an emphasis on investing your own personality into your work as contrasted to relying solely on gear.

    I also write about the struggle to remain creative when under pressure or when uninspired.

    Read more about creativity while field recording sound effects.

  • Sharing Sound Effects on the Web

    I’ve been sharing and selling sound effects on the web since 1999.

    I write articles about how you can do the same, best practices I’ve learned, and thoughts on the future of selling or sharing sound effects.

    Read my articles about e-commerce and selling sound effects.

Best Posts by Year

These articles list my favourite posts from each year.

Popular Series

I have written a number of month-long series of articles:

How to Stay in Touch

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