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This page lists field recording gear and tools that I personally own, have used, or have tested myself. It also includes services that help you share sound effects on the Web. I capture sound worldwide, so there are some travel resources here, too.

There are three types of recommendations:

  • Bonuses. These give a benefit to you such as a discount, bonus cash, or extra perk of some kind.
  • Affiliate links. These links work differently. They won’t always give you a discount. Instead, if you make a purchase or sign up, Creative Field Recording will receive a small commission at no cost to yourself. This helps support the website and keep the lights on.
  • Recommendations. Just a list of my favourites that I use every day and stand behind 100%.

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List of Links

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Field Recording Gear


I use a lot of different equipment. These are selections that I particularly enjoy, and offer solid performance and value.

Recommendation Deal Type Discount Code Details
Wildtronics Parabolic Microphones 5% discount 6RJBRJD05FL7 I read a review about these parabolic microphones while researching options on I wrote an article about that review exploring parabolics in general and Wildtronics specifically. The company owner, Bruce, generously reached out to share a discount code for all readers.
Rycote Affiliate link The only wind protection I’ll ever use. I use them for my portables, basket, and DPA 4060 microphones.
Apogee Duet Affiliate link Compact two-channel USB breakout box with sterling sound, excellent interface, and solid software. The audio interface I take on the road.
Ultrasone Pro Headphones Affiliate link When I have to master sound effects using headphones, these are the pair I use. Comfortable with excellent sound. A highlight: the offset design reduces listening fatigue considerably.
Sony PCM-D100 Affiliate link The best portable recorder currently on the market. It has the clearest, cleanest sound and most impressive soundstage.
Sound Devices Affiliate link I record sound effects in rough conditions. The Sound Devices 7-series recorders are built to for punishment, and have some of the best preamps in the market.


There are many options for buying gear online. Here are my favourite shops:

Recommendation Deal Details
B&H Photo Video Affiliate link Thinking of buying microphones or recorders? B&H stocks a lot of upper tier field recording gear most other websites miss, and at decent prices, too. I’ve ordered over the border from them multiple times and it was always fast and pleasant.
Amazon Affiliate link This online store's massive size often has gear prices that have deeper discounts than other retailers. Especially good for gear costing less than $1,000, and some good deals under $1,500.
Sweetwater Recommendation I’ve only purchased from this equipment dealer a few times. However, every purchase has been excellent. The sales reps are helpful and friendly but don’t hassle you at all.


Some apps I use:

Editing Software

I edit audio mostly for mastering sound fx libraries. Here are my favourite tools for cleaning and publishing sound clips:

Recommendation Deal Type Details
Pro Tools Affiliate link I only use Pro Tools for mastering my sound fx libraries. I prefer the control and the interface.
Soundminer Recommendation v4.5 Pro is the main metadata app for curating my sound libraries.
Soundly Recommendation An intuitive, free sound library browser that offers upgrade to access a paid sound collection. As a bonus, it allows embedding BWAV description completely free of charge.
iZotope RX Affiliate link Indispensable sound restoration software. If you want to kill noise, silence hum, and remove clicks, this software gets it done.
Fab Filter Recommendation Stylish, intuitive plug-ins that sound great.
Waves 10% discount The ubiquitous plug-in maker. Waves PS22, NX, Z-Noise, C4, H-Comp, and L2 for sound fx mastering. The discount gives you an extra 10% any other specials. Find the discount code on the page after the link.

iPhone Field Recording Apps

I use a handful of apps when recording out in the field:

Recommendation Deal Type Details
MyPlaces! Affiliate link I use this app to log field recordings with geotags and photos. The ability to export the list later makes adding metadata easy.
Storm Affiliate link Detailed weather forecasting software. Know in advance whether your session will be crippled by rain or excessive wind. Can also view lightning for thunderstorm tracking, too.
Weather Underground Affiliate link A more conventional ad-supported app that shows international locations other apps miss.
Ventusky Recommendation A browser-based weather app with a stunning user interface. Possibly the best, free weather app that shows weather in even the most unconventional locations. Out of all weather apps I’ve tried, this is the best.
FlightRadar24 Affiliate link Will your field recording session be beneath a flight path? This app will tell you. If you’re interested in recording the jets, the app shows you models, and departure and arrival times.
Planes Live Recommendation A flight tracking app. Not as attractive as other options but still does the trick well, and it offers a free version, too
Numbers Affiliate link I create all my shot lists in Numbers. They’re synced through iCloud, and appear on my phone. I can check off items and add notes in the app, which are seamlessly mirrored onto my Mac.
Tide Charts Near Me Recommendation This free app tracks high and low tides, moon phases, and basic temperature worldwide. Will you ocean recordings be powerful or subtle? This app helps you learn what to expect when you hit the shore.
MarineTraffic Affiliate link Will your pristine beach field recordings be interrupted by a distant freighter? Use this app to see marine traffic near your location.

Miscellaneous Software

These apps don’t have much to do with audio directly. However, I couldn’t write books and posts or share sound without them.

Recommendation Deal Type Details
Launchbar Recommendation An app launcher with dozens of additional time-saving tricks and shortcuts.
Quickeys Recommendation One of the most powerful macro apps. Design scripts so a single key press can perform complex actions. This app has saved me literally months of labour.
Default Folder X Recommendation Custom extension that helps find open/save locations quickly. No more flipping through endless folders to save a file.
Ulysses Affiliate link Elegant Markdown writing app. I write all my books and blog posts in this app. It has revolutionized the way I write.
1Password Affiliate link Password storage app. Worth the price.
Evernote Free month of premium tier This app stores notes in the cloud that are synced across smartphones and computers. I have hundreds of field recording notes ranging from shot lists, mastering notes, field recording checklists, and so on.
Filemaker Pro Recommendation I use Filemaker to do all my “power user” metadata work. Its custom scripts save hours of time.
Things Affiliate link I have hundreds of tasks in this to-do list app. Things helps me organize them and get them done. Attractive and simple.
Pixelmator Affiliate link I create and edit all images for my websites in this Photoshop-like app. Great value, solid software.

Sound Libraries and Books

Sound Effect Libraries

Recommendation Deal Type Discount Code Details
Quiet Planet 20% off CFRQUIETPLANET This store hosts field recordings from the legendary Gordon Hempton. He has travelled worldwide to capture extremely rare recordings such as deserts, jungles, forests, and much more.

Field Recording Books

Recommendation Deal Type Discount Code Details
Earth is a Solar Powered Jukebox 20% off CFRQUIETPLANET Gordon Hempton’s book is a one-stop solution to learning about capturing nature field recordings worldwide. It includes tips for recording wilderness sound effects, and for designing soundscapes in that environment as well.

Sharing Sound

Tools used for sharing sound on the Web:

Web Shops

Recommendation Deal Type Details
Easy Digital Downloads Affiliate link A simple, solid e-commerce platform tailored specifically to digital downloads. Great support and rapid development.
Shopify Affiliate link Probably the simplest, most stable e-commerce platform. It supports both downloads and shipping. Looks great, too.

Sharing Sound Tools

Recommendation Deal Type Details
SoundCloud Recommendation One of the most prominent sound sharing websites. Stable. Free with paid plans.
HearThis Affiliate link A relatively new sound sharing website that offers less expensive plans than the competition with a cool feature: allows uncompressed streaming on pro plans.
Mail Chimp Free $30 credit when you join I use these guys for my newsletters on all my websites. Easy to use, fun, and fluid. Great support.
Fiverr Affiliate link I find freelancers on FIverr for everything from logo to apparel design. Reasonable prices, fast turnaround, and simple interface.
Freelancer Free $20 when you join Freelancer is another good backup to find help. The coders tend to be more skilled here.
Hootsuite Free month of Pro I’m often travelling in time zones that are much different than website readers. Hootsuite allows me to schedule posts so people are notified about articles and sound libraries when it is most convenient to them. The pro account offers sophisticated options but even the basic, free version does the trick.
99Designs Free $99 PowerPack upgrade. When I have a bit more cash to spend, I hire designers from this website to create logos or other designs. The site allows you to host contests and pick from the best submissions. Results are always very good quality.

Servers and Storage

Recommendation Deal Type Details
HostGator Affiliate link Most of my websites are with Hostgator. Their servers are solid. My favourite is their support staff which answers any question, no matter how naïve, and solves problems quickly and professionally. No need to be intimidated by running your own server.
NameCheap Affiliate link I register my domains and SSL certificates here. I like that you can buy a domain or certificate without being bombarded by irrelevant offers during checkout. Simple, clean, and reliable.
WordPress Recommendation The world’s most popular blogging platform. Almost all of my websites are hosted on WordPress. Simple to use and free.
Dropbox Free 500 MB when you install The ubiquitous file sharing service. I keep a backup of my sound libraries here.
ProtonMail Recommendation Secure, encrypted email hosting based in Switzerland. Free, with paid options. Slick, easy-to-use, and completely private.

Travel and Field Recording

I often travel while field recording. Here are some tools when I’m capturing audio abroad:


Recommendation Deal Type Discount Code Details
Uber Free $10 credit when you install paulv450 I love Uber since it is easier than a taxi, has better, more pleasant drivers, follows a precise map, and helps figuring out tipping culture in a new country. I've used this worldwide. It's amazingly convenient.
Grab Free cash when you install (varies) Grab is the Uber of Southeast Asia that adds motorbikes, food delivery, and more in addition to cars.

Flight Deals

Recommendation Deal Type Details
Scott’s Cheap Flights Recommendation Scott sends out a newsletter only when he finds extreme deals. I’ve used this myself to book a flight to Thailand for half the price.
Jack’s Flight Club Recommendation Similar to Scott’s newsletter above, but with flights originating from the UK.
YYZ Deals Recommendation This site emails only when they’ve found the very best deals from Toronto. Includes focused deals from other Canadian cities, too.
Secret Flying Recommendation Unlike other travel websites, this site shows deals from outside of North America, too. You can sort by region.

Travel Search Sites

Recommendation Deal Type Details
Google Flights Recommendation The easiest way to search for flights.
Matrix Airfare Search Recommendation Uses the same data as Google Flight, but displays best prices for the entire month. Can also find best rates from multiple airports at once.
Skyscanner Recommendation Hits some flights that Google misses in Europe and Southeast Asia.
Hopper Affiliate link An app that examines historical flight prices and tells you the best time to buy via an intuitive interface. You can set up alerts to receive notifications of price drops.


Recommendation Deal Type Details
AirBnB Free $50 credit when you join Staying in an AirBnB property has a much homier feel than a hotel. You usually find yourself in a community, instead of a touristy area. I've stayed in AirBnBs in Thailand, Cambodia, USA, Canada, and Indonesia.
Agoda Recommendation I used this website exclusively while travelling across Southeast Asia. Great searching tools, excellent prices, and frequent rock-bottom deals.

Travel Tools

Recommendation Deal Type Details
Private Internet Access (PIA) VPN Affiliate link A VPN is software that makes all your Web surfing private. It's helpful while abroad because it protects your info on public networks, allows you to appear as if you're surfing from home, and allows access to sites restricted in some countries. PIA is great because it is stable, fast, and private – they don't keep records of your traffic. Works on all major OSes, and smartphones, too. Been with these guys for over a year and it's been smooth sailing.

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