Free Impulse Response Library

Impulse Response Library

Please feel free to download and use these impulse responses. These IRs require Audio Ease’s Altiverb 7.

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Learn how to add an impulse response to Altiverb 7.

Interior Impulse Responses

High-Rise Stairwell

Impulse responses from a 1970’s-era 23-floor high-rise.

Version 1: 11th floor

High-Rise Stairwell - 11th Floor - 1 meter

The location is midway up the height of the building. The reverb echoes extensively up and down the vastness of the stairwell.

High-Rise Stairwell - 11th Floor - 3 meters

A second IR was recorded there, at three meters. It is similar to the IR above, but broader due to an increased distance, at half a floor above.



Version 2: 23rd floor.

High-Rise Stairwell - 23rd Floor - 3 meters

An IR from the top floor of the high-rise. Similar to the other high-rise recordings, but adds a more metallic cast due to the structures in the area. The ceiling is also higher, which adds a broader aspect to the reverb.



Small Sauna

Small Sauna - 1 meter

A small 1.5 meter by 4 meter wooden sauna. A tight, intimate location.




How to Add An Impulse Response to Altiverb 7

  1. Download an impulse response ZIP file, above.
  2. Expand the ZIP file. A folder with an “.aeir” IR file and photo will be inside.
  3. Move the folder into the Applications/Audio Ease/Altiverb 7/Impulse Responses/User Created IRs folder
  4. Invoke the Altiverb plug-in in Soundminer, Pro Tools, etc. Open the IR Browser, and click “User.” You’ll find the new IRs there.