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Do you want to learn how craft an evocative sound library?

Interested in sharing your collections from a Web shop you build and run yourself?

Sharing Sound Online describes how to package your creativity into sound bundles and sell them from your own Web shop to find freedom and success.

Want to know how? Read on.

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What is Sharing Sound Online?

Sharing Sound Online: How to Sell Irresistible Indie Sound Bundles on the Web explains how to how to assemble an exceptional sound bundle and share it from your own Web shop.

It also explains how to set up a new online business, craft a professional identity, and solve common bundle and Web shop problems.

I’m Paul Virostek. I’ve been recording sound effects since 1996, and sharing them on the Internet since 2000. I’ve added over a quarter million clips to the largest music and sound effects Web stores. I’ve managed hundreds of sound libraries. Why does this matter? Well, in the process, I discovered:

  • There are hundreds of exceptional sound libraries no one knows exist.
  • Listeners everywhere are looking for these collections.

Why is this important? You own these valuable sound libraries and your fans need to hear your creations.

How to Craft a Sound Library

You’re a sound professional. You’ve worked hard to weave your inspiration into every clip you capture. Listeners everywhere need to embed this creativity into the projects they work on and share with the world.

Sharing Sound Online explains how to bind your clips together to create an exceptional sound library fans will crave. It introduces sound bundles. It guides you through the process of building your own sound collection. It includes suggestions for assembling clips from the best topics into bundle types that provide irresistible benefits to your listeners.

How to Build a Web Shop

How will your fans find your creations? Sharing Sound Online explains how to share your work from your own Web store.

The e-book introduces Web shops, explains how they work, and presents five ways to share sound on the Internet. It helps you choose the shop that’s best for you, then launch and manage it all inexpensively or free of charge. It describes how to sidestep common bundle and Web shop problems.

The result? Sharing Sound Online explains how to embed your creative sound imprint into the work you do and share it with the planet to find freedom, cultivate creative expression, and discover success.

Companion Books - Building, Creating

What You Will Learn

Sharing Sound Online was designed to help you package your best, evocative sound effects and music and share them with the world. It collects all my knowledge of selling sound on the Internet since 2000 and presents hundreds of tricks and tips in 4 e-books. What will you learn?

You’ll learn about building sound libraries:

  • How to build a bulletproof sound bundle.
  • How to choose exceptional clips for your sound library.
  • The best way to package your sound collection.
  • How to mesh inspiration and meaning with audio to create a sound bundle that highlights your expertise and creativity.

You’ll learn about sharing sound on the Web:

  • How Web shops work.
  • Understand the anatomy of a Web store.
  • Discover different types of online shops.
  • How to choose the best Web store for you.
  • The best way to build your Web shop.

You’ll discover how to operate Web stores:

  • What to know when launching your shop.
  • What to remember when managing your store.
  • What to expect when sharing sound on the Internet.

You’ll learn how to get started:

  • The benefits of sharing sound on the Web, the risks, and why you shouldn’t worry.
  • How to craft a professional identity.
  • New business first steps.
  • Step-by-step instructions for building a website, creating a Web shop, and finishing it all in thirty days.

Sharing Sound Online helps you begin the journey of sharing your sound library from your own home on the Web.

Interested in learning how to share your sound library on a partner website? My other book, Selling Creative Sound, describes how to build an exceptional sound library and share it from the best shops on the Web.

Table of Contents

Sharing Sound Online is written in 6 parts, with 301 chapters.

It is 706 pages and over 130,000 words long.

View the table of contents by clicking the link below.

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Sharing Inspiration
Who Can Use This Book?
Whom This Guide Is For
Who Am I and How Can I Help You?
How to Use This Book

What You’ll Find Inside
A Word About Results
A Note About Technology
The Legal Stuff

Why Sell Digital Sound?

A Brief History of Selling Sound
How Sound Effects Are Sold
Four Ways of Selling Sound
The Variety of Selling Sound
Physical Libraries
À La Carte Web Shops
Bundle Web Shops
Your Choice
Exploring Your Options
Choices to Avoid
Choosing Bundle Web Shops

The Benefits of Creating a Web Shop
Why Choose a Web Shop?
Higher Income
Low Impact

Helping Others
Expressing Your Craft

The Risks of Creating a Web Shop
Risks of Selling Sound
Financial Risk
Choosing the Right Sounds
Why You Shouldn’t Worry

A Web Shop Philosophy
Looking Deeply at Sharing Sound
Evolving How You Share Sound
Four Pillars of Web Shop Success

Getting Started

Your First Two Steps

Creating Your Identity
A Conceptual Step
What Is an Identity?
Why Create an Identity?
Parts of Your Identity
How to Forge an Identity
A Natural Identity

New Business First Steps
Steps for a Small Business
Creating a Company

Setting Up Finances
Simple Financial Steps
Bank Account
PayPal Account
Other Financial Tips
Creating a Presence Online
Setting Up Your Online Presence
Social Media
Other Online Tips
Creating a Business Pack

Creating a Sound Bundle

Sound Packages and Your Library

A History of Sound Library Delivery
The History of Sound Libraries
The Impact of Sound Delivery
Which Do You Choose?

Building a Sound Effects Bundle
Two Sides of a Sound Bundle
Growing Clips Into a Collection
The Subject of Sound Packs
How to Choose Valuable Sound Effects
What is a Valuable Sound Effect?
The Basics of Sound Clip Quality
The Four Pillars of a Successful Sound Library
The Sound Effects Star
Working With Sound Effect Bundles
Building a Bulletproof Bundle
Three Approaches to Creating Bundles
Benefits of Sound Bundles
Supplying Quality
Providing Value
Fulfilling Cravings
Solving a Problem
Two Bundle Types
Choosing Your Sound Bundle
Theme-Based Bundles
Need-Based Bundles
How Clips Work Together
More Than a Collection of Clips
Within The Bundle
Peering Inside a Bundle
Practical Benefit
Present a Motif
Provide Inspiration
Between Bundles
A Global Approach
Contributing a Body of Work
Presenting Your Packs
The Benefit of Thoughtful Bundles
Tips for Successful Sound Packages
Practical Tips for Sound Bundles
Sound Effect Pack Ideas to Avoid
Sound Effect Pack Ideas to Pursue
Bundle Building Approaches
Copyright and Sound Libraries

Building Your Bundle
Steps to Creating a Bundle
Preparing the Sound Clips
Gathering the Audio

Reviewing the Sounds
Checking Your Sound Clips
Selecting the Sound Clips
Assembling the Bundle
Gathering Sound Effects
More Suggestions
Building the Bundle Pack
Gathering Support Materials
The Support Materials
Website Support Materials
Web Tools for Your Pack
The Bundle Preview Montage
How to Create an Irresistible Sound Library Preview
What is a Sound Library Preview Montage?
The Value of Preview Montages
Why Sound Library Preview Montages Are Essential
How Preview Montages Are Used
Preview Montage Errors to Avoid
What a Superior Preview Montage Must Include
How to Create an Irresistible Preview Montage
The Bundle Description
Bundle Design and Packaging
Virtual Design
Two Types of Bundle Design
Bundle Image Design Tips
Bundle Support Materials
Bundle Tools for Your Pack
Thank You File
The User Licence
About the User Licence
The Licence
Creating a Licence
The EULA and Your Sound Bundle
Sound File List
Spec Sheet
Promotional Files
Creating the Bundle File
Constructing a Bundle File
Folder Structure
The Bundle File
Naming Suggestions
The Completed Sound Bundle

Creating Your Web Shop

A Home for Your Sounds

The Anatomy of a Web Shop9
How a Bundle Web Shop Works
The Website
About the Website
Web Server
Domain Names
The Website
The Front-End
About the Front-End
Standard Website Layout
Standard Web Store Content
The Back-End
Storing Media
About Storing Media
Traditional Media Storage
Storing Sound Libraries
Sound Libraries and Security
Media Storage and Bandwidth
Auditioning Audio
About Auditioning Audio
Audio Player Requirements
Embedding Audio
Native Audio Players
Protecting Audio Previews
Sound Search
About Sound Search
Product List
Menu Navigation
Category and Subcategory
Tag Cloud
Keyword Search
Buying Sounds
About Buying Sounds
The Importance of Trust
The Shopping Cart
The Checkout
Processing the Transaction
Web Security
About Web Security
Creating Secure Transmissions
Delivering Sounds
About Delivering Sounds
The “Thank You” Page
Delivering Bundles
About Delivering Bundles
Delivery Methods
Protecting Links
Renewing Links
Confirmation Email

Types of Bundle Web Shops
About Bundle Web Shops
Online Store Builders
Using Online Store Builders
Online Store Builder Options
Features of Online Store Builders

Self-Hosted Web Shops
Creating Your Own Site
One-Click Button Ordering
Digital Delivery Services
How to Build a Digital Delivery Services Store
Digital Delivery Services Options
Features of Digital Delivery Services
Plug-In Stores
How to Build Your Own Plug-In Store
Plug-In Store Options
Features of Plug-In Stores
À La Carte Web Shops
How to Choose Web Shops
About Choosing Web Shops
Differences Between Shop Types
From Basic to Advanced Shops
Broad Shop Requirements
Your Choice

Crafting Your Web Shop
How to Craft Your Web Shop
Conceptual Web Shop Design
4 Steps to a Successful Sound Shop
Creating Content
Considering Visitors
About Considering Visitors
Helping Others
Designing for Visitors
About Execution
User Experience
Pursuing Personal Goals
Following the Four Steps
Crafting Web Shop Structure
How to Craft Web Shop Structure
Website Structure Standards
Designing Structure for People
Designing Structure for Technology
Website Structure Layout
Website Pages
The Product Page
Web Shop Guidelines
Basic Web Shop Success Cheat Sheet
Advanced Web Shop Success Cheat Sheet
Website Dos and Don’ts

Bringing Your Store to Life
How to Bring Your Store to Life
Launching Your Web Shop
How to Launch Your Web Shop
Testing the Shop
Launching the Web Shop
Getting the Word Out
Managing Your Web Shop
How to Manage Your Web Shop
Managing Launch Day
Observing and Evolving
Keeping Your Shop Fresh

Problems, And How to Fix Them

Solving Sound Bundle and Web Shop Challenges
Solving Bundle Issues
Increasing Bundle Sales
Keeping Customers Happy

Resolving Payment Problems
Fixing Technical Issues
Navigating Server Limitations
Getting Help

Beyond Bundles and Websites
Next Steps

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Sharing Sound Online Standard Edition

What you get:

  • The complete 706 pages of Sharing Sound Online.
  • Over 130,000 words that explain how to build an exceptional indie sound bundle and share it on a Web shop you control.
  • Designed to work with with Amazon Kindle, iBooks, or any computer or mobile device.
  • A rich-media PDF e-book complete with images, diagrams, links, and more.
  • Preview the first 27 pages of Sharing Sound Online, free of charge.

Sharing Sound Online iPad Air Black

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Sharing Sound Online Upgraded Edition

Sharing Sound Online e-book Group

What you get:

Almost 200,000 words in 4 e-books:
  • Everything in the Sharing Sound Online Standard Edition.
  • The 30-Day Quick-Start Guide to Sharing Sound Online, a step-by-step handbook with daily strategies to assemble a sound bundle, build a website, and create your own Web shop. (~23,000 words.)
  • The Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Website, which explains how to register a domain, rent a host, and install blogging software using images and step-by-step instructions. (~25,000 words.)
  • The Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Web Shop, a manual that describes how to install free store software on your own website with screenshots and clear instructions. (~22,000 words.)
Bonus Files:
  • A handful of page templates that remove the agony of creating website pages such as the “End User Licence” page, “Copyright” page, and more.
  • An Excel database that keeps your sound bundle stats and details organized.
  • Code snippets that enhance the powers of your Web shop.
  • Designed to work with with Amazon Kindle, iBooks, or any computer or mobile device.
  • Rich-media PDF e-books complete with images, diagrams, links, and more.
  • Preview the first 17 pages of The 30-Day Quick-Start Guide to Sharing Sound Online, free of charge.



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