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Do you want to share your sound effects and music with fans worldwide?

Interested in supporting yourself with your creativity?

Do you want to share your recordings without risk, spending little or no cash?

Selling Creative Sound explains how you will do this successfully, and much more.

Would you like to know how? Read on.

What is Selling Creative Sound?

Selling Creative Sound: How to Sell an Untouchable Sound Library on the Web shares how to place your most inspiring work in the best stores on the Internet.

It decodes the world of selling sound. It helps you assemble a powerful library fans will crave. It guides you through choosing and collaborating with only the best Web shops on the Internet.

My name is Paul Virostek. I’ve been capturing sound effects since 1996, and sharing them since 2000. I’ve worked behind the scenes of Web shops, and sold my library on dozens of stores. I built and run my own sound effects Web shop at And while discovering all I could about selling sound, I uncovered a problem:

Many people want to share sound, but don’t.

Deciphering How to Share Sound

Why is this? Well, there’s no manual for selling sound. Valuable information is rare or confusing. It’s unfortunate: there are hundreds of field recordists and musicians with exciting libraries people need to hear. Fans worldwide demand superior sound. But they can’t find it. The connection between the creator and fan is severed.

I wrote Selling Creative Sound to mend this connection. I wrote it to help you deliver your best work to the ears and projects of fans who crave it.

How to Support Yourself with Creativity

You are a creator. You pour every pint of your craft into your work. Maybe you’ve ensnared rare sound effects. Perhaps you’ve composed booming symphonies.

The last thing you want is to wrestle with code, plug-ins, and payment gateways. Selling Creative Sound helps you share sound in the quickest, cheapest, risk-free way: by joining forces with Web shops.

How to Build an Untouchable Sound Library

There are other books that explain how to sell on the Web. However, they ignore what’s most important about sharing sound: your collection is more than a commodity – it’s a potent means of creative expression.

Selling Creative Sound shows you how to take this expression, shape it, and partner with allies who will help you share it.

You have incredible sounds that the world needs to hear. Selling Creative Sound solves the difficult of meshing selling, creativity, and success.

What You Will Learn

You’ll learn about the world of selling sound:

  • Uncover how you can support yourself with your library.
  • Discover how Web shops work behind the scenes.
  • Learn how stores host, sell, and deliver sound effects and music.
  • Study how copyright, licensing, and royalties work.
  • Learn how to use the state of sound libraries today to your advantage.

You’ll learn about Web stores:

  • How distributors think.
  • How to find, research, and evaluate Web shops.
  • Which partners to seek, and which to avoid.
  • How to select not just any partner, but the best match for your goals.
  • Study how to decipher contracts, negotiate them, and sign deals wisely.
  • How to get your sound library into a shop.

You’ll learn the best way to organize your library for Web sharing:

  • Find the best way to name your sounds, and which metadata you need.
  • Learn which editing, mastering, and tech spec standards you must apply.
  • Untangle the complexities of registering and publishing your music.
  • Design a resilient strategy for your sound library.

And you’ll learn how to shape an untouchable sound library:

  • Learn how to embed your personality into your tracks to guarantee success.
  • Discover which sounds you should include or avoid.
  • Discover how to craft a collection to evade competition.

Selling Creative Sound helps you begin your journey of sharing sound on the Web.

Your fans are waiting for you.

Interested in selling sound bundles from your own Web shop? Sharing Sound Online, explains how to assemble an exceptional sound library and shared it from your own online store.

Table of Contents

Selling Creative Sound is written in 10 parts, with 31 chapters, and 175 sections.

It is over 390 pages, and more than 58,000 words long.

View the table of contents by clicking the link below.

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The World Needs Remarkable Sound
Who Can Use This Book?
What Business Do I Have Writing This Book?
Why Am I Writing This Book?
How Can You Use This Book?
The Legal Stuff

Why Sell Sound?
Who Sells Sound Effects?
The Benefits
Why Sell Sound Effects?
We Need Remarkable Sound
Create Passive Income
Low Impact
Low Risk
The Risks
What Are the Risks? (And Why You Shouldn’t Worry)
Low Sales
Harsh Competition
Low Margin
There Is No Downside

The World of Selling Sound Online
An Introduction to Selling Sound
Ways to Sell Sound Libraries
How Should You Sell Your Library?
Why Sell Sound Effects on Someone Else’s Site?
The Partnership
Selling Licences, Not Sounds
The Licence
How Royalties Work
How Sound Web Shops Work
What Web Shops Do
Types of Web Shops
How Do Web Shops Differ?
Making Sense of the Options
What Do You Choose?
A Philosophy for Selling Sound Effects
When Should You Start?

Your Sound Library
Your Sound Library’s Role
Starting a Sound Library
Blending Creativity and Appeal
Sound Web Shops Today
The State of Sound Effects on the Web
Which Sound Effects Fail?
Two Goals for Sound Libraries
Creating an Advantage
Four Pillars of a Successful Sound Library
How to Craft a Valuable Sound Library
Shaping Your Library
Why Competition Is Irrelevant

Preparing Your Library
Getting Organized
Why Prepare Your Library?
Preparing Your Sounds
Editing and Mastering
Naming Sound Libraries
Five Reasons Why a Sound Effect’s Name Is Vital
What Makes A Sound Name Powerful?
Two Ways to Name Sound Effects
What’s in a Name?
The Technical Name Method
The Friendly Name Method
Why Different Ways for Naming a Sound File?
15 Tips for Naming Sound Effects
The Goal of Sound Names
Technical Requirements
Library Size
Creating a Library Demo Montage

Preparing Your Data
What Is Metadata?
The Importance of Metadata
What Metadata Should You Use?
Applying Metadata
Choosing Metadata with Apps
Assigning Metadata with Apps
Primary Metadata Fields
Secondary Metdata Fields
Notes When Adding Metadata
Preparing Music
Joining a Performing Rights Organization
Registering and Tracking Your Music
Adding a Bow on Top
Checking Your Work

Finding Distributors
Finding Partners
Why Websites Lists Don’t Help
Researching Distributors
Finding Sound Library Websites
Reviewing the Company
Reviewing the Stats
Evaluating Content
The Importance of Search Results
What to Avoid
Few Web Shops or Many?
Where to Place Your Sound Library
Distributing on Many Sites
Distributing on Few Sites
Ferrari or Honda?

Partnering with a Web Shop
Partnering with a Distributor
Good Distributors
How Distributors Think
Making Contact
Online Submissions
Contacting Distributors
Their Response
Analyzing Their Response
Following Up
Agreeing to Distribute
Working with the Contract
The Role of a Contract
Evaluating the Contract
Negotiating the Contract
Signing the Contract
Ingesting Your Library
What Is Ingestion?
Getting the Specs
Prepping the Sounds
Preparing the Import File
Uploading Your Library
Ingesting the Library

What’s Next?
Now What?
While You’re Waiting
After Your Library Is Live
Working with Distributors

Common Problems… And How to Avoid Them
Common Sound Sharing Problems
Personal Challenges
Solving Personal Challenges
Time Challenges
Losing the Creative Spark
Relationship Challenges
Solving Relationship Challenges
Resolving Distributor Disputes
Avoiding the Wrong Partners
Getting Out of a Bad Deal
Content Issues
Solving Content Challenges
Increasing Low Sales
Fixing Limp Sounds
Strengthening Weak Collections
Avoiding Market Saturation
Evading Competition
Finding Success

Sound Library Hit List
Sound Library Wish List
Sound Library Checklist
What a Badass Sound Library Looks (and Sounds) Like
An Example Contact Email

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Selling Creative Sound - Basic Edition, Nexus 700 300x

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  • Tracking worksheets: partner research worksheet, partner terms and data worksheet, and royalty tracking sheet.
  • Designed for Amazon Kindle, iBooks, and Mac/PC on any device.
  • Instantly download DRM-Free Mobi, ePub, and PDF versions.
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Selling Creative Sound - Upgraded Edition, Nexus 7

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