Field Recording: From Research to Wrap



Do you want to record sound effects beyond the studio?

Interested in field recording professionally?

Need to know what gear to choose?

Want to forge sound clips with ironclad technique?

Field Recording: From Research to Wrap explains how you will do this, and more.

Curious? Read on.

What is Field Recording: From Research to Wrap?

Field Recording: From Research to Wrap — An Introduction to Gathering Sound Effects introduces you to sound effects and the craft of field recording.

It is a step-by-step guide that shows you how to record sound clips beyond the studio.

I’m Paul Virostek. I’ve been recording sound effects since 1996. I’ve been fortunate to record for Hollywood feature films, commercial DVD sound libraries, and the largest Web shops. There’s one thing I’ve noticed during this time: information about field recording is scant, and scattered.

The world needs inspiring sound, and you can gather it. But how do you start?

I wrote Field Recording: From Research to Wrap to answer this question. It’s written especially for people new to sound that don’t know how to begin, but are thirsty to know more.

Intrigued by field recording? Want to learn? I’ve written Field Recording: From Research to Wrap for you.

What Will You Learn?

You’ll learn how to become a field recordist:

  • Learn how to record sound effects with professional expertise.
  • Discover what happens during a field recording shoot.
  • Learn how to begin, shape, and successfully complete a field recording session.
  • Study field recording skills and techniques, and use them to enhance your craft.
  • Capture strong sound effects while avoiding weak recordings.
  • Evade common field recording mistakes.

You’ll learn about the craft:

  • Learn who field recordists are, and how they work.
  • What sound effects are, and the power they hold.
  • Understand what gear recordists use, and how to choose your own.

The result? Field Recording: From Research to Wrap will help you:

  • Be prepared for any field recording session.
  • Record superior sound effects.
  • Gather sound clips that slide smoothly into your projects.
  • Grow your sound library with confident, meaningful recordings.

Table of Contents

Field Recording: From Research to Wrap is written in 3 parts, with 18 chapters, and 103 sections.

It is over 349 pages, and more than 55,000 words long.

View the table of contents by clicking the link below.

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The Appeal of Field Recording
Who Am I?
Who This Guide is For
Why a Book About Field Recording?
How to Use This Book
What You’ll Find Inside

An Introduction to Field Recording
About Field Recording
What is the Craft of Field Recording?
Field Recording and Sound Effects
Disciplines of Sound Effects Creation
Specific Sound Effects and Atmospheres
Field Recording Techniques
About Sound Effects
A Philosophy of Sound Effects
Why Record Sound Effects?
Who Uses Sound Effects?
The Purpose of Sound Effects
What is a Valuable Sound Effect?
Remarkable Sound Effects

Field Recording From Research to Wrap
What Happens During Field Recording?
The Philosophy of Field Recording
The Goal of Field Recording
How to Record Sound Effects
What You Need to Record Sound Effects in the Field
A Note on Equipment
The Field Recording Toolbox
About Microphones
How Microphones Work
Types of Microphones
Microphone Polar Patterns
Microphone Characteristics
Special Microphones
Microphone Mounts
Wind Protection
Cabling and Adapters
Bags, Kits and Belts
How to Choose Equipment
A Note on Choosing Equipment
What Do You Need?
Choosing Equipment
Choosing a Recorder
Choosing a Recorder: Other Features
How to Field Record on a Budget
Packing Intangible Tools

Researching Your Subject
The Benefits of Research
Finding Talent

Scouting Locations
Extra Scouting Tips

Before The Shoot
Preparing Before the Shoot
Deciding How to Record
What to Choose
Channel Selection
Stereo Recording Techniques
Sampling Rate and Bit Depth
Recording Settings
Recording Blind
Take Structure
Getting Organized
How to Get Organized
Contacting Talent
Outlining the Shoot
Creating a Call Sheet
Working with Others
Writing Contracts
Testing Equipment
Writing Checklists and Prepping Gear

During the Shoot
During a Field Recording Session
Pre Shoot
Choosing Your Location
Public Reaction
Managing Talent
Setting Up
Isolating Specifics
Isolating Atmospheres
Test Recording
During the Shoot
Using Positioning to Enhance Recording
Affecting Positioning
Positioning for Your Subject
Recording Tips
Recording Sound Effects
The Goal of Your Session
Recording Specifics
Recording Atmospheres
After Recording
After the Shoot
Wrapping Up

What Can Go Wrong During Field Recording… And What You Can Do About It
Common Field Recording Problems
Technical Challenges
Solving Technical Challenges
No Audio
Handling Noise
Noisy Recordings
Environmental Challenges
Solving Environmental Challenges
Access and Security
Ambient Noise
Talent and Crew
Creative Challenges
Solving Creative Challenges
Staying Inspired
Inspiring Others
Perfection Pitfalls

Creating Your Craft

Next Steps
What Should You Do Next?

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