Creative Field Recording Complete e-Book Combo Pack


e-Book Combo Pack Complete

This e-book combo pack collects every e-book available on the Creative Field Recording bookstore.

Learn how to capture evocative sound effects beyond the studio in Field Recording: From Research to Wrap. Discover how to assemble a creative, bulletproof sound library and share it on the best shops on the Web in Selling Creative Sound. Learn how to create your own Web shop to host your own sound bundles in Sharing Sound Online.

The package gathers the Upgraded Edition of each e-book for 20% off the cover price.

  • 8 e-books.
  • Over 340,000 words in 2,160 pages.
  • Regular price: $102. Discounted combo price $82.
  • That’s a 20% discount, a savings of $20.

E-books Included:

  • Field Recording: From Research to Wrap (Learn more)
    • The 30-Day Quick-Start Guide to Field Recording: From Research to Wrap
  • Selling Creative Sound (Learn more)
    • The 30-Day Quick-Start Guide to Selling Creative Sound
  • Sharing Sound Online (Learn more)
    • The Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Website
    • The Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Web Store
    • The 30-Day Quick-Start Guide to Sharing Sound Online

Also Included:

  • Worksheet templates to take on your shoots: gear manifest, call sheet, microphone layout, take list, microphone diagram. Includes templates, checklists, and examples.
  • Tracking worksheets: partner research worksheet, partner terms and data worksheet, and royalty tracking sheet.
  • A handful of Web store page templates that remove the agony of creating website pages such as the “End User Licence” page, “Copyright” page, and more.
  • An Excel database that keeps your sound bundle stats and details organized.
  • Code snippets that enhance the powers of your Web shop.


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  • Rich-media PDF e-books complete with images, diagrams, links, and more.
  • Instant, secure download.