Field Recording Community

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I believe that field recording becomes stronger as ideas are expressed, practiced, and shared.

Explore these websites to learn about sound, and exchange ideas with other field recordists.

Have I overlooked your blog? Maybe I missed one of your favourite reads. Please let me know! Send me your links, and a description. I would be happy to add your field recording blog.

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Field Recording Blogs

Click this link to view a PDF list of blogs, or view the entire list in a browser via Google Sheets.

Game Audio Blogs

Sound Forums

  • Audible Worlds (Twitter, RSS) – A forum dedicated to the art of audio creation.
  • Audio Pro Network (Twitter) – a vetted community that discusses gear, software, and services.
  • Designing Sound Exchange – A forum with questions and answers about sound design and field recording. Users vote on the best answers.
  • Gearslutz (RSS) – A forum for gearheads. Includes a post-production section with info about sound libraries.
  • Hydrogen Audio (RSS) – “The audio technology enthusiast’s resource.” An audio forum featuring discussions on file formats, codecs and hardware.
  • JW Sound (RSS) – A forum that focuses on discussions of production sound.
  • Pro Tools Expert (Twitter, RSS) – Massive site exploring all things Pro Tools.
  • Sound Design Stack Exchange (Twitter, RSS) – A forum with thousands of questions about sound design and field recording. A good, helpful group.

Sound Group Lists and Clubs

Sound Design and Field Recording News Sites

  • The Audio Spotlight (Twitter, RSS) – a website featuring game audio, film sound, and sound library news.
  • Creating Sound (Twitter, RSS) – A news site featuring interviews and sound design resources.
  • Designing Sound (Twitter, RSS) – The premier sound design source on the Web. Includes news, reviews, and videos.
  • Everything Sounds (Twitter, RSS, Soundcloud) – This site hosts regular posts about all things audio, including both sound effects and music. A wide range of topics.
  • Field Recording (Twitter, RSS,) – German-language news website focused on field recording.
  • LA Sound Group (Twitter) – the group meets in Santa Monica, California to listen to pros talk about sound mixing, field recording, production sound, and audio editing. Watch videos of past talks.
  • Sonic Field (Twitter, RSS) – The sister site to Designing Sound, with a particular focus on field recording. Formerly known as Sonic Terrain.
  • Soundesign (Twitter, RSS) – Hefty sound design website with regular articles and frequent, fresh, tweets.
  • SoundWorks Collection (Twitter, RSS) – Videos about high profile sound design projects. Very well produced.
  • Tonebenders (Twitter, RSS) – A podcast for sound pros, by sound pros. Features interviews, and thoughtful explorations of field recording and sound design. High quality, with interesting discussions.

Pro Audio Reddit Subreddits

  • /r/fieldrecording. Members share field recordings, and post articles about capturing sound effects beyond the studio.
  • /r/sounddesign. Tips, tricks, and suggestions for twisting audio. Many posts that share methods for achieving tricky processing.
  • /r/audiopost. Discussions about a wide variety of post-production topics for music, game audio, film, and more.
  • /r/protools. A sub focused on Avid’s editing app. Discussions about various releases, and troubleshooting tips.
  • /r/gameaudio. This sub explores the craft of creating sound for video games, including sound design questions, and middleware discussions.
  • /r/locationsound. Focused on production sound questions and articles.
  • /r/sfxlibraries. An exploration of sound fx collections and sound publishers.