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Update: Joining the Pole Position Production Team

Folks, a quick update. I’m very happy and proud to announce that I have joined the Pole Position Production team!

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Earlier today learning website Soundfly published a list of field recordists in their online music magazine, Flypaper. The writer, Patrick McGuire, shared ten people he felt were crossing the “aesthetic boundaries” of field recording:

some more conceptually artistic, some purely for sound design, and others for the purposes of documentation

I found McGuire’s classification of field recording disciplines interesting. I think it is true that most people do tend to follow one of those pursuits. So, the article explored fascinating concepts: What happens when these genres blend? Who are creating provocative results?

You’ll see a number of familiar names. Perhaps the most celebrated field recordist, Chris Watson, appears on the list. There also appear a number of friends of the Creative Field Recording blog, too: Diane Hope, Watson Wu, and Melissa Pons. I was also quite surprised and honoured to see my own name on the list as well.

In addition, I’m sure you’ll find a number of other field recordists in the list with something fresh to say. Each of them is exploring recording sound beyond the studio in compelling ways.

Check out Soundfly’s 10 of the Most Interesting Field Recordists Working Across Aesthetic Boundaries.

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Today’s post is a roundup of articles from last year. It features posts that received a good response (thank you!). I’ve also included articles I enjoyed writing or made me think about field recording, sound effects mastering, or library curation differently.

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Starting today, Creative Field Recording is having an early “Black Friday” sale on our e-Book combo packs. These bundles gather books about sound effects and sharing sound for a discounted price. Today’s 48-hour sale adds an additional 50% savings on top of that with coupon code BLACKFRIDAYCFR!

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The craft of field recording is a complex one. It requires nuanced skill and on-demand creativity that take years to cultivate.

Of course, capturing field recordings doesn’t end when you return home and start charging your batteries: the sound clips must be polished and organized before they can be shared with listeners. That’s why sound fx mastering and curation are important steps that complete the arc of sharing sound.

I’ve noticed there are a lot of questions about preparing field recordings for listeners. It’s understandable. Field recording itself is hard to learn. Mastering and curation are even more niche.

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It seems like everyone is on vacation during August. So, while everyone’s away I’ve taken the opportunity to post updates of older, popular posts.

The last to be updated is the Digital Sound Recorder Buyer’s Guide. It’s different from the larger Field Recording Gear Buyer’s Guide in that it focuses specifically on audio recorders. It also was designed to give field recordists tools to make informed choices by examining basic features, advanced features, fancy, bonus features, and extra considerations. There is also a section to discover audio recorder models in three price brackets.

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A few years ago I started a series called “Metadata Month” (series 1, series 2). That explored how to add the valuable bonus text info known as metadata to sound effects to aid searching and using field recordings.

In one of those posts I took a stab at listing every “metadata app” capable of managing sound libraries, browsing sound clips, using and adding metadata, and transferring sound files.

There were 15 apps in that post. Well, it’s been three years and things have changed. Recently I refreshed the post with new info.

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A few months ago I published a new list of field recording equipment. It wasn’t the first time I examined gear choices for sound pros. My first stab at it was the Field Recording Gear Buyer’s Guide. That helped people new to the craft explore gear options in an evolution from basic kits to intricate, expensive microphone, preamp, and digital recorder combos. Thanks to you, that post remains one of the most popular articles on the site.

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Today you can save 50% off all field recording and sound library building e-books. We have this sale once a year, and it lasts 48 hours only.

Use discount code SUMMERSALECFR17 to save up to $25 on field recording and sound library e-books.

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