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Best of 2011 Hero

This post will be the first of four yearly website retrospectives. Why?

Well, the blog has been around for a while now. The articles are stacking up. Truthfully, it’s not that easy to sift through a WordPress website. The blog is getting a bit unmanageable with the number of posts.

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2013 Review Hero

At the end of every year I share a retrospective on the field recording articles of the previous year. If you’re new here, it’s a good way to get an overview of what the site’s about.

I’ve included a brief comment with each article describing what it is about, and why I wrote it.

Thank you everyone who visited, commented, Tweeted, and emailed in 2013!

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Gear Hero

I finally polished off two major field recording gigs last week. After decompressing for a bit, I dove into my long list of sound articles gathered from Tweets, and various field recording websites.

I’ll share my selections of interesting articles and other finds in today’s post.

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Spiral Galaxy Messier 83

I’ve created a new community page here on the site. It’s done in the spirit of the earlier field recording blogs page. This one, instead, lists community sound effect Web shops.

I’d been keeping track of everyone in my browser bookmarks for years. There were so many, it had become a bit out of hand. So, I decided to organize them and list them here on the site so others can use them, too.

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I remember firing my first gun. It was a fully-automatic AK–47.

I was in the desert east of San Diego recording weapons for an HBO show called Generation Kill. The gun was owned by an elite soldier who brought it back from a war in the Middle East.

Previously, I was indifferent to gun recordings. However, as I squeezed the trigger and fired into the empty desert, I instantly understood why so many field recordists specialize in recording gun and rifle sound effects.

It was like holding a controlled explosion in your hands. I was surprised, not at the recoil, but the amount of power from such a simple action of pulling the trigger. It wasn’t only the physical aspects of the kickback and the bullet pounding into a sandy incline, it was the sheer force of sonic expression as well.

In today’s article I’ll share information about these elusive and popular sound clips.

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Dark Park

Here are a handful of sound effects articles, websites, tutorials, field recordings, and free sound fx from the last while that I found interesting.

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SoundCloud Orange Logo

Note: SoundCloud has now removed groups from their website.

Lately I’ve been enjoying sharing field recordings on SoundCloud.

SoundCloud is the one of the largest online sound sharing websites. It is packed with music, but there are indeed places where you can track down field recordings, exchange sound effects, and listen to bizarre sound design.

Some generous readers have shared cool corners of the site with me. I’ve stumbled across others. SoundCloud is a great way to connect with other recordists that share your particular stripe of sound fx recording.

I’ll explain how in today’s post.

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Subway Stairs

Not working during the holidays? Have some time? Want to read about sound?

I actually look forward to travelling during the holidays. It gives me time to catch up on reading sound effects blogs.

Here are sound-related articles I’ve enjoyed:

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It feels like it has been a busy year here on the blog.

I wanted to share some posts that may interest those who have been visiting only recently.

At the end of every year I write a “roundup” post that collects the best articles from the past year. I also share a few thoughts on them, now that some time has passed since publishing.

I’ll return to writing regular articles in the new year.

Thanks for visiting, writing, and Tweeting the articles!

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I mentioned recently I had planned two books on field recording sound effects. Well, I finished both last week. They’re currently being professionally edited.

As a result I’ve had more time to catch up on blogs and poke into some interesting corners on the Web. Below are links I found.

If you want to learn more about the ebooks, sign up for the free newsletter.

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