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Sound Effects Article Roundup 6 - Hero

It’s been a while since I wrote a sound effects article roundup. Here are some articles about sound fx that I found interesting, and you may, too.

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Article: 10 Tips for Sound FX Library Publishers


Earlier this week I published an article called 10 1-Minute Fixes That Drastically Improve Your Indie Sound FX Library on my sister website, Sound Effects Search.

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“Visual Microphones” Recreate Missing Audio

Hitchcock Colorized by Sanna Dullaway

In the 1970s, Wilson Markle pioneered a new film enhancement process. To the delight of many film buffs, Markle showed that it was possible to add colour to black and white films. While his initial efforts resulted in weak colours, the concept of film colourization took hold. Results improved in the 1980s and have since led to colourization of many classic films such as It’s a Wonderful Life, King Kong and others.

Is it possible to do the same for audio?
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Article: 11 Ways to Improve Your Sound FX Web Store

Missing Website Data 1 - Hard Stats

My sound library search engine, Sound Effects Search, has added over 70 new sound libraries in under two months. That’s an astounding amount of growth in the independent sound library community.

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Article: Understanding Multiband Compression

Multi-band Compression

Ever wondered how multiband compression works? Curious about why you would use it, or how compression processing affects your tracks? Thinking about using it when mastering sound effects?

This article at explains the nuances of multiband compression, complete with audio samples you can compare. Its examples cite musical compositions, but it’s helpful for considering how it can be applied to sound effects, too.

Via The Loop

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DVD Hero

The Compact Disc introduced the first widely accepted digital audio format. It became popular partially because of improved audio quality. There were other reasons, too. Listening and accessing the audio was also far more convenient than the previous vinyl and cassette formats.

The Compact Disc has reigned as the dominant physical audio format since it was introduced to the public in 1982. Even in 2007, over 200 billion CDs were sold.

Of course, digital sound file delivery is overtaking physical optical disc shipments. However, the CD format set a fidelity standard that has lasted for over 30 years. In one way or another, this has affected every sound pro.

As sound professionals, we know how greatly higher fidelity sound affects our work. Higher sampling rates allow more flexibility in sound design. Higher bit rates increase dynamic, and, generally speaking, make sound clips appear more full, lush, and rich. But does high fidelity audio really matter to listeners?

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Gear Hero

I finally polished off two major field recording gigs last week. After decompressing for a bit, I dove into my long list of sound articles gathered from Tweets, and various field recording websites.

I’ll share my selections of interesting articles and other finds in today’s post.

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I remember firing my first gun. It was a fully-automatic AK–47.

I was in the desert east of San Diego recording weapons for an HBO show called Generation Kill. The gun was owned by an elite soldier who brought it back from a war in the Middle East.

Previously, I was indifferent to gun recordings. However, as I squeezed the trigger and fired into the empty desert, I instantly understood why so many field recordists specialize in recording gun and rifle sound effects.

It was like holding a controlled explosion in your hands. I was surprised, not at the recoil, but the amount of power from such a simple action of pulling the trigger. It wasn’t only the physical aspects of the kickback and the bullet pounding into a sandy incline, it was the sheer force of sonic expression as well.

In today’s article I’ll share information about these elusive and popular sound clips.

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Subway Stairs

Not working during the holidays? Have some time? Want to read about sound?

I actually look forward to travelling during the holidays. It gives me time to catch up on reading sound effects blogs.

Here are sound-related articles I’ve enjoyed:

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Gobbler IconCross-post: I’ve published a review of the Gobbler backup service on the Airborne Sound blog.

The Gobbler service is notable because it is designed for sound pros: it works directly with audio editing sessions to archive the session and all files associated with it automatically.

I’m mentioning it here because they’re offering five gigabytes of free storage until January 2, 2013. There’s also a link in the article that can get you a bit of bonus space. Check it out and take it for a spin!

Backup Archiving for Sound Editors: Gobbler Mini-Review.