Blimp And City

I am a field recordist.

Since 1996 I’ve been recording cool and rare evocative sound effects from all over the world.

I use vibrant recordings to transport listeners and invoke new emotions using only sound.

Why I Record Sound Effects

I believe that our sense of sound is under-appreciated. I believe that sound effects have immense power to inspire, immerse, and compel emotion.

I have found the ideal way to translate this effect is with pure and meaningful sound effect recordings.

Because of this I believe that the voice of a sound effect is best without processing, and that the quality of a sound effect is determined in the field, not the edit suite.

I believe that human emotion in the subject and the recordist is the defining element in good sound. Not the price of your equipment.

What Sound Effects I Capture

Every day our environment and society changes. Sounds we hear today may not be heard 10 years from now: a type of car engine, a bird about to go extinct, a tribal singer that is the last of their line.

My goal is to document the planet’s voice one country, region, and town at a time. So far I have captured sound effects from four continents, and almost thirty countries. I plan to visit all seven continents and each of the world’s countries.

What You’ll Find at Creative Field Recording

Why Creative Field Recording?

I chose the blog title not to suggest that my recordings are particularly creative (though it is something I always work towards).

Instead, it’s about exploring a goal of gathering sound fx that aims to mesh meaning, context, and emotional impact with the other facets of field recording: theoretical knowledge, technical skill, thoughtful performance, and an exchange of ideas through audio.

You can read more about this approach here.

Creative Field Recording is a blog about recording vivid sound effects worldwide, searching for creativity, and sharing them with the world.

In these pages you’ll find articles about:

  • My experiences field recording live sound effects at home and on the road.
  • My explorations sparking and maintaining creativity amidst the technical craft of field recording.
  • My ideas and stories selling or sharing my sound library on line.
  • Tips, tricks and advice about how you can do the same.

Wondering how to begin? Start here.

Where You Can Find Me

In 2010 I created airbornesound.com to share my sound effects recordings with the world. Please visit us there. You’ll find clips source from my 30,000+ sound recordings with more being added every month.

I’ve also worked on some feature films like Batman Begins, Ali, Glory Road and some others. You can see the list on IMDb.

You can follow me on Twitter, or subscribe free of charge to the RSS feed or email newsletter. Just click the delicious buttons on the upper right of the site.