Update: Joining the Pole Position Production Team

Folks, a quick update. I’m very happy and proud to announce that I have joined the Pole Position Production team!

As many of you know, Pole Position Production are known world-wide as the premier source for vehicle field recordings. They have recorded aircraft from World Wars I and II, tanks, sports cars, antique vehicles, Formula 1 race cars, barges and boats, and many other cool sound fx.

These are some of the trickiest sound fx to capture. The environmental and technical challenges are numerous. Each recording session in the field is delicate and complex. It has been an incredible experience to have the opportunity to hear these pros in action and listen to the excellent sounds they record. The team are extremely talented and professional and are an absolute pleasure to work with. I have always deeply respected Pole Position’s work, and it’s a great privilege to be part of the team.

My task is to collaborate with the team to edit the raw field recordings, master them to professional standards for their clients, curate the final tracks, and add extensive, detailed metadata. One goal I found particularly fascinating participating in was crafting metadata accessible to every metadata app to help both post-production film teams and game audio pros find the clips they need quickly and accurately.

Needless to say, I’m quite excited about it. It’s been a rewarding experience working with Max Lachmann and the entire Pole team. My thanks!

Check out Pole Position Production’s sound library.

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