Article: Soundfly Features 10 Field Recordists Crossing Aesthetic Boundaries


Earlier today learning website Soundfly published a list of field recordists in their online music magazine, Flypaper. The writer, Patrick McGuire, shared ten people he felt were crossing the “aesthetic boundaries” of field recording:

some more conceptually artistic, some purely for sound design, and others for the purposes of documentation

I found McGuire’s classification of field recording disciplines interesting. I think it is true that most people do tend to follow one of those pursuits. So, the article explored fascinating concepts: What happens when these genres blend? Who are creating provocative results?

You’ll see a number of familiar names. Perhaps the most celebrated field recordist, Chris Watson, appears on the list. There also appear a number of friends of the Creative Field Recording blog, too: Diane Hope, Watson Wu, and Melissa Pons. I was also quite surprised and honoured to see my own name on the list as well.

In addition, I’m sure you’ll find a number of other field recordists in the list with something fresh to say. Each of them is exploring recording sound beyond the studio in compelling ways.

Check out Soundfly’s 10 of the Most Interesting Field Recordists Working Across Aesthetic Boundaries.

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