The Best Posts of 2017


Today’s post is a roundup of articles from last year. It features posts that received a good response (thank you!). I’ve also included articles I enjoyed writing or made me think about field recording, sound effects mastering, or library curation differently.

2017 Review

My plan for 2017 was to focus on writing about mastering sound clips and sound library curation. So, many posts revolve around that. Honestly, I thought I would exhaust everything about these topics in 2017. However, there’s still a lot more to say about those subjects, so more articles about that are coming soon.

It was a bit tricky to keep a regular schedule writing. Why? In mid-2017, I began preparing for a permanent move overseas. Also, around the same time I began working on an very cool project with incredible people, and I have turned my focus to that. That’s why many posts were “roundups” intended to send you articles consistently while I was busy with other things.

I started sharing posts on Facebook. After that the site began receiving more traffic, especially to some older, popular posts. So, many articles last year were updates designed to refresh the site with up-to-date information. I actually found it illuminating to see how the things had changed for field recording equipment, metadata apps, and other sound fx tools featured in those articles.

Now, the articles:


Field recording equipment is always a popular topic on the site. Here are some posts about sound recording kit:

  • The year began with an in-depth Sony PCM-D100 Review. It examined features of the popular portable recorder, provided sound samples, and contrasted it to its big brother, the Sony PCM-D50.
  • Want to know how one microphone’s noise floor, maximum sound pressure level, and price compare with another? I listed those stats and many others for popular microphones in the Field Recording Microphone Specifications Quick Lookup Chart.
  • The Field Recording Gear Buyer’s Guide is the most popular article on the site. That shares how to buy sound recording equipment and upgrade it through a field recordist’s typical career path. But what about atypical sound fx recording? The Unconventional Microphone Buyer’s Guide shared a list of unusual microphones used to capture sound clips: hydrophones, parabolic dishes, contact microphones, and more.
  • What are the best sounds for your microphone to record? One post examined a Sound Effects Decibel Level Chart to compare the loudness of sound fx subjects with the capabilities of popular field recording microphones. A second post looked at the decibel chart a different way: how sound levels affect our hearing .

Sound FX Mastering

Curating Field Recordings



One of the most difficult field recording challenges is balancing technical skill and creative inspiration. A three-part series explored ideas on doing this while field recording, mastering sound effects, and curating sound fx libraries.


I usually write roundups when I receive many reader emails about similar topics (keep ‘em coming!).

While writing this post I was surprised to see that I’ve been writing articles for 7 years! I also want to thank you to everyone who has visited the site and read the articles. Thank you to everyone in the community for their support.

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