The Digital Sound Recorder Buyer’s Guide Update


It seems like everyone is on vacation during August. So, while everyone’s away I’ve taken the opportunity to post updates of older, popular posts.

The last to be updated is the Digital Sound Recorder Buyer’s Guide. It’s different from the larger Field Recording Gear Buyer’s Guide in that it focuses specifically on audio recorders. It also was designed to give field recordists tools to make informed choices by examining basic features, advanced features, fancy, bonus features, and extra considerations. There is also a section to discover audio recorder models in three price brackets.

Sound FX Audio Recorder Updates

What’s different in this update?

  • Added MixPre-3 and MixPre-6 to the sub-$1,000 options.
  • Prices for all models have been updated to current amounts. Interestingly, Zoom has reduced the price of the F8 and F4, possibly in response to the release of the recent MixPre models. The price for the Sony PCM-D100, Zoom H6 and H2n, and Tascam DR-680MKII have been lowered, too. Most have dropped around $50 or $100. The D100 is $725 on Amazon now, almost $75 cheaper.
  • New considerations added in the “fancy, bonus features” area: power redundancy, power switching.
  • The sections on timecode and pre-roll have been expanded a bit.
  • Revised the info about the Sound Devices 7xx series to reflect retired models.
  • Expanded info on Sound Devices’ mixers with integrated recorders.

That should be it for article updates for a while. Regular articles will return next week.

Read the Digital Sound Recorder Buyer’s Guide.

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