Metadata App Roundup Updated


A few years ago I started a series called “Metadata Month” (series 1, series 2). That explored how to add the valuable bonus text info known as metadata to sound effects to aid searching and using field recordings.

In one of those posts I took a stab at listing every “metadata app” capable of managing sound libraries, browsing sound clips, using and adding metadata, and transferring sound files.

There were 15 apps in that post. Well, it’s been three years and things have changed. Recently I refreshed the post with new info.

Metadata App Roundup Updates

So, what’s changed? Here are the big changes:

  • Added more options for Windows. I didn’t have much experience with Windows sample organizers in the past. Today’s update offers 6 new PC options.
  • New sound fx library managers added: Soundly, Resonic Pro, Remetacator, Aural Probe, Sample Librarian, BWF-Widget, SampleSort.
  • Removed extinct sound clip organizers: ifoundasound (this has been retired and merged with Soundly), Splat.
  • Moved the “how to choose an app” section to a new post, which will be published next week.

And here are other changes:

  • All apps have had their system requirements updated.
  • New feature set options detailed: Soundminer v4.5, BaseHead 4.x, AudioFinder (new UI!).
  • Added new columns: batch metadata processing, XML/iXML support.
  • Honourable mentions. Some apps didn’t quite fit on the list because they were old, or didn’t quite match the feature set editors require. I added them to a new “honourable mentions” at the end of each section.

View An Introduction to Sound FX Metadata Apps 2 – Comparing Apps.

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