The Unconventional Microphone Buyer’s Guide Update


A few months ago I published a new list of field recording equipment. It wasn’t the first time I examined gear choices for sound pros. My first stab at it was the Field Recording Gear Buyer’s Guide. That helped people new to the craft explore gear options in an evolution from basic kits to intricate, expensive microphone, preamp, and digital recorder combos. Thanks to you, that post remains one of the most popular articles on the site.

I later realized that there are dozens of other “unusual” options for capturing sound fx outside of the studio. I assembled a list of atypical gear at various price points, including parabolic microphones, Ambisonic kits, hydrophones, and many more: The Unconventional Microphone Buyer’s Guide.

After it was live, the community chimed in with great feedback. So, today I’ve updated the article with suggestions from the community.

Update Features

What’s new? I’ve added new details, models, and a few new sections.

  • Added more informative detail to the contact mic section.
  • Added Trance Audio contact microphones.
  • Added 5 new options to the “Binaural Microphones” section.
  • Added a new section on induction coil microphones.
  • Added a new section on SASS microphones.

Visit The Unconventional Microphone Buyer’s Guide.

Other Updates

I also updated the original Field Recording Gear Buyer’s Guide with up-to-date info:

  • More smartphone field recording options explored.
  • Added the new Sound Devices MixPre-3 and MixPre-6 to the “Recorders” section, with additional context.
  • Added new Tascam options to the “Portable Recorder” section.

Check out the Field Recording Gear Buyer’s Guide.

Thank you again everyone for your support helping share kit options with the community.

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