Summer Sale: 50% off all Field Recording Books for 48 hrs


Please note: the sale has concluded.

Today you can save 50% off all field recording and sound library building e-books. We have this sale once a year, and it lasts 48 hours only.

Use discount code SUMMERSALECFR17 to save up to $25 on field recording and sound library e-books.

Field Recording: From Research to Wrap

Learn how to capture sound effects beyond the studio in Field Recording: From Research to Wrap. Step-by-step instructions guide you through planning, execution, and wrapping up recording sound clips in the wild. The book also includes background to the craft, and equipment guide, and a problem-solving section.

  • Standard Edition: 3 parts, 18 chapters, and 103 sections in 349+ pages and 55,000+ words, $17 $8.50
  • Upgraded Edition: adds a 30-day quick start-guide to get you started field recording, plus bonus worksheets to organize your sessions. $24 $12

Selling Creative Sound

Selling Creative Sound - Upgraded Edition, Nexus 7
Discover how to record inspired sound effects in Selling Creative Sound. Learn how to produce clips that highlight your personal expression, then share your creativity on the best a la carte shops on the Web.

Includes tips for naming, organizing, and labelling your sound files, as well as a guide for finding, partnering, and working with distributors. A problem-solving section describes to to sidestep common problems.

  • Standard Edition: 10 parts, 31 chapters, and 175 sections in 390+ pages and 58,000+ words. $24 $12
  • Upgraded Edition: adds a 30-day quick-start guide for creating and publishing a sound library, as well as tracking worksheets for your sound library. $29 $14.50

Sharing Sound Online

Want to create your own sound sharing headquarters on the Web? Sharing Sound Online explains how to gather your field recordings and designed sounds into a collection you can share with your fans. It describes how to create your own Web shop, too.

It includes ideas for sound bundles and how to assemble them wisely so they showcase your creativity. The book gives an overview of sharing sound online, including Web shop options, how to choose between them, and how they work. There are tips for launching and managing your store, small business ideas, and how to craft a professional brand. Worried about what could go wrong? Don’t be; there’s a list of common problems and how to avoid them.

  • Standard Edition: 6 parts and 301 chapters in 706 pages and 130,000 words. $42 $21
  • Upgraded Edition: adds a 30-day quick-start guide that guides you through creating a sound library and sharing it on your own Web shop. Also includes 2 step-by-step guides for building a website and a Web shop. There are also bonus tracking spreadsheets and Web page templates. $49 $25.50

A 24-hour 50%-off Discount

Use discount code SUMMERSALECFR17 to take advantage of the 50%-off sale for the next two days only.

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