A New Giveaway: Discuss Field Recording. Win Prizes


Note: the contest has now ended.

For the entire month of December the Designing Sound news site is offering prizes for asking and answering questions about field recording or sound design on their new forum, Designing Sound Exchange.

About Designing Sound Exchange

When I first started writing about sound back in 2011, I stumbled across a cool forum named Social Sound Design. That was a thriving community of sound pros who discussed field recording and sound design. At one point it merged with the Stack Exchange website into Sound Design Stack Exchange. While this opened up the the forum to thousands of new readers, unfortunately the questions became very broad, and most of the specialized field recording community wandered away.

Social Sound Design Browser

Earlier this year Designing Sound revealed a new section to their website. In addition to their interviews, features, and community updates, the site now includes a forum called Designing Sound Exchange. It was created in the spirit of the old Social Sound Design website.

This forum allows anyone to ask or answer questions about recording or editing sound. The community votes on the best answers, so the most helpful information rises to the top. Questioners and respondents receive points for asking questions and answering them.

For example, there are questions about favourite city ambiences, field recording with mobile phones, the best way to record footsteps, metadata app questions, designing sound conundrums, and much more.

It is an extremely valuable resource. Dozens of popular pro community field recordists and sound designers have appeared on the board, so you’re able to get advice from the most knowledgeable people in the business. It’s not just for veterans, though; all sound fans are encouraged to participate.

The December Designing Sound Exchange Contest

This month Designing Sound is offering prizes just for participating on the website. The prizes include free sound library packages, software, plug-ins, and more. There is a ton of stuff, over thousands of dollars in prizes! I was kindly invited to offer a package of my own. Forum participants have a chance to win the High Performance Vehicles Multi-Pack Combo (6 libraries, 746 sounds, 14+ GB) or the Library Builder Vehicles Multi-Pack Combo (5 libraries, 900+ sounds, almost 17 GB).

See all the available prizes.

How do you win? All you have to do is ask a question, or answer one. You get a new chance every week.

So, head over to Designing Sound Exchange, sign up, and start participating. Good luck!

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