Field Recording Gear Buyer’s Guide Update



Last year I compiled the advice from the pros in the “A Month of Field Recordists” into a compact post explaining how to choose the best gear yourself: the Field Recording Gear Buyer’s Guide.

Of course, no single kit is perfect for everyone. So, that article offered tips to help people choose gear that was best for them along the arc of their field recording gear.

Today, I’ve published an update. That page now includes more suggestions, including tips from the pros in the 2016 series, and community advice, too.

Update Features

What’s new? I’ve rewritten most of the article, updated some numbers, and included new sections:

  • A section was added to focus on handheld portable audio recorders.
  • The dedicated microphone section is expanded. It includes info on matched pairs, sub-$1,000 options, and a new category: multi-pattern microphone suggestions.
  • A new section added that details ultra-portable mobile phone suggestions for those wanting to start by just dipping their toes into field recording.
  • Included price-check links to Amazon (in addition to links to the Manufacturer). This helps you know current prices when the market changes. Clicking them also really helps support this website (with no downside to yourself).
  • All sections have been updated to include gear released in the past year.

Visit the Field Recording Gear Buyer’s Guide.

I’ve also update other gear articles, too:

  • Digital Audio Recorder Buyer’s Guide. I wrote this post to help people step though the process of purchasing digital audio recorders. A lot has changed since I originally wrote that guide in early 2011. It now has updated info to reflect current choices and new field recorder features. I’ve also included bonus selections at various price points.
  • How to Record Sound Effects on a Budget. A guide for starting field recording for under $1,000. Includes tips for collecting equipment, building a sound library, recording pure sound effects, and expanding. I touched up the equipment sections with recent gear.
  • What Gear You Need to Record Sound Effects Worldwide (part 1, part 2). Updated info to reflect my current kit, and included other, similar options to my choices. Included some audio samples of recordings produced with the kit.

Thank you to everyone who read and shared the series.

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