48-hour Summer Sale: All Sound FX Books 50% Off



Earlier this month I hosted a 50%-off sale over on Airborne Sound. That’s a sale I host once a year with discounts on every sound library there.

This week I reflected: why not share the spirit here on Creative Field Recording, too? So, for the next 48 hours, everything in the bookstore is on sale. Use the discount code SUNLIGHT to save 50% all books, including combo pack bundles.

Please note the sale is now over.


The books break down into two categories: learning how to record sound fx, and then how to share sound.

Learn Sound FX Recording

Field Recording: From Research to Wrap teaches you how to capture sound fx beyond the studio. It introduces you to recording concepts and equipment, then walks you through a typical field recording session with concrete steps. A final section shares challenges and how to overcome them.

Field Recording e-Book - Basic Edition


  • 349 pages.
  • 55,000 words.
  • $17.00 on sale for $8.50
  • Upgraded edition with 30-day guide and worksheets: $24.00 on sale for $12.00

Visit the Field Recording: From Research to Wrap bookstore page.

Sharing Sound FX

Selling Creative Sound introduces you the world of selling sound fx online. It explains how to create an untouchable sound library and share it on the best Web shops. There are tips for expressing your creativity, assembling a clip collection, deciphering contracts, adding your library to other websites, and more.

Selling Creative Sound - Basic Edition, Nexus 7


  • 393 pages.
  • 58,000 words.
  • $24.00 on sale for $12.00
  • Upgraded edition with 30-day guide and worksheets: $29.00 on sale for $14.50

Discover more info about Selling Creative Sound in the Web store page.

Sharing Sound Online teaches you how to advance to the next level of sharing sound. It describes how to build an indie sound fx package following an arc from research, topic selection, sound file choice, and comprehensive delivery. It shares how to build your own Web shop, including info how these sites work, how to build them, and the best way to maintain them. There’s a bonus section with problems to avoid.

Sharing Sound Online iPad Air Black


  • 706 pages.
  • 130,000 words.
  • $42.00 on sale for $21.00
  • Upgraded edition with bonus mini-books, worksheets, and 30-day guide: $49.00 on sale for $24.50

Visit the Sharing Sound Online bookstore page.

What You Get

All books include:

  • Easy-to follow text and simple instructions.
  • Prose edited by professional editors and proof-readers.
  • DRM-free files in PDF, Kindle, and iBooks formats (Sharing Sound Online presently is PDF-only).

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Visit the Creative Field Recording bookstore.

Sound FX Sale

PS – if you missed the sound fx library sale on Airborne Sound, message me and I will help you.

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