Sound Particles Walkthrough Video


The last article introduced a new sound design tool: Sound Particles. That post presented a quick look at the new granular spatialization software, as well as a bonus interview with its creator, professor Nuno Fonseca of Portugal.

That scratched the surface of the new sound design tool. Want to know more? You’re in luck. René Coronado of the Tonebenders podcast has just released an introductory video of the software. He begins by giving an overview of the software, then proceeds to demonstrate five increasingly sophisticated real-world examples.

If you’re interested in the software, I’d suggest watching the video. There’s also an audio-only version on the Tonebenders Podcast, however I found watching René work in the hour-long video made it easier to grasp the more intricate possibilities of the software. You may be interested in browsing a thread on Gearslutz about the demo, too.

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