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I remember the first time I stumbled upon Reddit. I was instantly hooked by the lively banter, range of discourse, comment voting, and the stunning breadth of discussion categories, also known as subreddits.

Reddit is a type of bulletin board system where users can submit and vote on article or comments. It is hugely popular. It is ranked 31 in worldwide search engine traffic. It only stands to reason that sooner or later audio folk would wander into Reddit and begin discussing field recording, sound effects, game audio, and more.

Today’s post explores a few popular areas where you can discuss your love of sound with other pros.

About Reddit

Audio discussion on Reddit has a unique approach:

  • Subreddits. These are distinct areas of the website were only a single general topic is discussed. For example, there is a field recording subreddit, a sound design subreddit, and a game audio subreddit. Each focuses on discussing just that topic. That allows for very streamlined commentary. What’s more, the focus draws specialists or sound pros from that discipline in a way other sites do not.
  • Voting. Like a topic? Did you find a comment particularly insightful? Upvote it. Others will do the same. That means you won’t have to slog through pages of irrelevant responses. Reddit’s voting ability means the best comments rise to the top.
  • Submissions. Have you found a cool article you want to share? Have a question? Anyone can submit content to be voted upon by the community.
  • Diverse members. You’ll find yourself discussing ideas with a broad range of commentators, from curious students to experienced pros. That means you don’t have to be afraid of being a trembling newbie writing your first comment. The democratic nature of Reddit allows everyone to have a say. You may even see familiar community field recordists and game audio pros share their thoughts.

Of course, many audio forums have similar feature. The subreddits and voting ability are the distinguishing features that define the Reddit experience.

Audio Subreddits

There are hundreds of subreddits, and a good dozen cool audio ones. Here are the ones field recordists and sound designers may find interesting:

  • /r/fieldrecording. This sub mostly features people sharing sound fx gathered in the field. The selections are quite diverse. There’s always something interesting to hear. Are you a new recordist interested in getting feedback on your first attempts? This sub is the place. Also occasionally includes gear questions, and article posts.
  • /r/sounddesign. The majority of posts discuss sound processing, and field questions of how to recreate specific sound design effects.
  • /r/audiopost. Post-production advice, questions, and discussion for a variety of disciplines from ADR to sound design to music-for-picture. I enjoy the posts about plug-ins and editing apps. I’ve found some cool, obscure plug-ins this way.
  • /r/protools. Various questions about Avid’s editing app, iLoks, and so on. A good place to hear thoughts on stubborn Pro Tools problems.
  • /r/gameaudio. I’m a bit out my element here, since I don’t know much about game audio. I enjoy lurking, though, and learn what I can. Quite a few discussions about FMOD and Wwise. A nice selection of tips for sound design, too.
  • /r/locationsound. Good discussions about gear and resolving tricky production sound issues. The best sub I’ve found to discuss audio recorders and microphones, though it leans heavily towards production sound applications, instead of field recording.
  • /r/sfxlibraries. A new sub designed to discuss sound fx libraries, sound publishers, and sound fx for games, film, and TV. It’s a good mix of posts recommending indie libraries and sharing sound fx articles, all in one spot.

There are many other subs. You can find them by looking in the sidebar of each of the subs above.

Unlike other forums, the subs above don’t unravel into bickering or spammy posts (mostly due to user /u/soundeziner’s admirable moderation efforts). /u/soundeziner also has a Twitter account which posts all new discussions in the Reddit audio community. Follow him here.

I’ve added this list to the Field Recording Community resources page.

Did I miss your favourite audio sub? Share it in the comments, below.

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