Update: Sound Effects Search Now with 1000 Libraries, Audio Player

1000 Sound fx libraries

A quick update about one of my other projects, the indie sound library search engine, Sound Effects Search.

Just this week the website added its 1000th sound library. Just under 7 months ago the number was clawing at the high 800s. A little under two years ago, there were barely more than two dozen indie sound library Web shops. Now Sound Effects Search links to 105 stores.

That’s an incredible amount of productivity from the field recording and sound design communities in such a short time. Stop by the website to check out the sound libraries our colleagues are sharing with the community.

New Feature: In-Line Audio Previews

In other news, I finally added audio previews to the search results. The previews work in both desktop and mobile browsers.

Of course, the audio previews help sound pros hunting for new collections. Now, they can compare audio demos side-by-side in the search engine’s trim, no-nonsense minimalist list.

It also helps the library creators in the crowd, too. After all, visitors will become even more tempted to click through to your website after hearing your collection’s audio preview.

Learn more about the one thousand sound fx libraries, the audio previews, and future plans in a Sound Effects Search blog post.

Congratulations to all sound designers and field recordists for producing so many new, cool sound libraries for the community!

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