Interview about Field Recording, Gear, and Creativity on The Audio Spotlight

The Audio Spotlight

Earlier this year I met Zdravko Djordjevic and Pasi Pitkänen. You may know them as the founders of The Audio Spotlight. That’s a pro audio news site with broad coverage of independent sound libraries, samplers, software, composers, reviews, and more. I’m especially a fan of their expansive books section.

Djordjevic and Pitkänen kindly reached out and asked if I would like chat with them about the projects I’ve worked on, and how I go about capturing sound effects. I was quite thrilled to be asked. That article is now available on The Audio Spotlight.

In the interview, we chat about some field recording projects I’ve worked on. I mention two in particular, Michael Mann’s Ali and Canadian film New Waterford Girl, and share a few thoughts about how those projects reinforced certain techniques, and hammered home the value of capturing fresh clips.

It was also quite cool to be asked about creativity in general. As I have mentioned here before, I’m a big fan of injecting creativity into field recordings any way we can. So, I shared a few techniques I use in the field to remain inspired and generate new ideas. In particular, I think it’s the first time I’ve mentioned two specific tools I use to help to bake emotions into field recordings. I’d like expand on those tools here on the blog later this year, but you can get a look at the concept I’m referring to in The Audio Spotlight article.

My thanks to the Audio Spotlight for the interview! I enjoyed it.

Read the interview on The Audio Spotlight.

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