Article: 10 Tips for Sound FX Library Publishers


Earlier this week I published an article called 10 1-Minute Fixes That Drastically Improve Your Indie Sound FX Library on my sister website, Sound Effects Search.

The idea behind the post is that recording sound is much different from the act of sharing it. Each requires separate skills. And, the truth is, between field recording shoots, game audio milestones, and post production delivery deadlines, most of us don’t have time to immerse ourselves into the role of a sound library publisher.

I wrote this article to share 10 tips that help. Each of them can be completed in a minute. None of them have to do with the audio itself per se. Instead, they’re tweaks that affect presentation, communication, and organization. Despite being quick, they have a strong impact on how widely your collection is shared.

If you’re an indie sound fx publisher and want to give your collection a little extra polish, check out the tips on Sound Effects Search.

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