Introducing a New Sound Effects Podcast

Introducing a New Sound Effects Podcast Hero 300x

A few years ago I posted a Q & A with Asbjoern Andersen, owner of the independent sound library sharing website, A Sound Effect.

At that time (2013!), his website had just launched. A Sound Effect has changed quite a bit since then. They now sell sound libraries directly (including some of mine). Just today they added a new feature: a podcast devoted entirely to independent sound effects libraries.

To launch the podcast, Andersen teamed up with another familiar community sound pro: field recordist Christian Hagelskjær of Hzandbits Sound Effects. The duo released their first podcast episode today.

The podcast is unique because the hosts talk about sound fx both in terms of using them and sharing them yourself. So, it’s aimed at the sound pros that download sound collections, and also the field recordists and sound designers that create them. The podcast also has a very natural and casual flow to it.

In the episode, the pair talk about sound effects and discuss some new indie sound libraries and their previews. I also had the great pleasure to appear on the podcast myself. In a twenty minute interview, Andersen and I spoke about indie sound bundles, including:

  • The benefits of creating an independent sound fx library.
  • How people are responding to indie sound collections.
  • Thoughts on the state of the independent sound library community.
  • Trends in sound libraries subjects and ideas.
  • How to come up with new sound library ideas, find your niche, and pick a good category for your collection.
  • How to add your own imprint to even standard sound fx by using the Sound Effects Star.
  • Thoughts about creating and sharing “starter sound libraries” and focused sound libraries.
  • Ideas and advice for people who want to create their own sound fx library.

You can check out the SoundCloud podcast below, or visit the A Sound Effect blog post to hear it there and read a bit more detail.

A big thanks to Christian and Asbjoern for inviting me to speak on the A Sound Effect podcast!

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