The Best Posts of 2011


Best of 2011 Hero

This post will be the first of four yearly website retrospectives. Why?

Well, the blog has been around for a while now. The articles are stacking up. Truthfully, it’s not that easy to sift through a WordPress website. The blog is getting a bit unmanageable with the number of posts.

I have made a few attempts to corral things with the Start Here, Sitemap, and Archives pages. There’s also the “Top 10 Popular Posts” sidebar widget I added last week.

This series of articles is another tool. It’s intended to help new people find the most helpful posts. They’re a selection of my favourite posts, and the articles people told me were helpful to them or to the community.

The Best Posts of 2011

The first year of Creative Field Recording’s “best of” posts includes seven articles:

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