Briefly: Sound Effects Search Website Launch Post-Mortem


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A few weeks ago, I announced a new community sound effects tool called Sound Effects Search. It’s a search engine for independent sound libraries.

The website launch gave me some insight into independent sound library collections. I’ll share those thoughts in this “post-mortem” post, and also include a few resources for fans of indie sound bundles and also for sound library publishers, too.

First, a big thank you to everyone who spread the word about Sound Effects Search across the Web, including an article by Marie Tueje on Designing Sound, your supportive retweets, and the comments on GearSlutz and the Yahoo! Sound Design Group. Cheers!

The Web Needs Your Creations

The Sound Effects Search website received an incredible amount of traffic, thanks to your support. Thank you! I’m glad to know everyone’s finding the new site useful.

In fact, the traffic was so heavy it crashed the site a few times. That website problem has been permanently fixed since. Thanks for your patience with that.

The reason I mention this is that there is clearly a huge demand for crafted field recordings and sound design. The last two weeks have underscored how excited people are about independent sound libraries. Are you considering creating your own sound library bundle? If so, please don’t hesitate. Sound pros worldwide are searching now for the packs you will create.

Add your new sound libraries free of charge on the Sound Effects Search submission form.

Explosive Indie Sound Bundle Growth

Thank you also to everyone who reached out with updates to libraries and shared feedback to improve the site. I appreciate your contributions to help make Sound Effects Search a better tool for everyone in the community.

The website will continue to grow. I have plans to make the search engine more powerful and useful for you. I’ll be adding new features soon.

For now, the website has added over 50 new independent sound libraries in less than two weeks and shows no sign of slowing down. It’s a testament to the strength and vibrancy of the sound effects community that new releases have been launched almost every other day. The search engine now hosts 853 independent sound fx collections on 82 Web shops.

Independent Sound FX Library News

Want to learn about these recent independent sound fx library releases? I’ve been announcing them on the Sound Effects Search blog. Follow the website Twitter account or join the free Sound Effects Search newsletter to learn about new Web shop launches, sound library releases, and special deals from publishers.

Do you publish sound fx libraries? Starting this month, Sound Effects Search will feature articles about sharing sound collections. This week featured the post “Sound Effects Library Report: Early 2015.” The article analyzes independent sound libraries. It examines sound effects collection stats with juicy graphs and charts. Sound library creators will find it useful to help spot sound collection trends, and to learn how to design bundles wisely.

And, finally, a website update: from this point forward I will be writing less about sharing sound here on the Creative Field Recording blog. I will be shifting to writing about crafting and sharing sound on the Sound Effects Search blog instead. Creative Field Recording will return its focus to articles about field recording, creativity, and mastering and curing sound fx.

Thanks once again for your support.

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