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It’s been a while since I posted here regularly. That’s because I’ve poured all my energy into writing a new e-book about sharing sound effects and field recordings.

It’s called Sharing Sound Online and it’s available now in the Creative Field Recording bookstore.

Sharing Sound Online is an e-book that explains how to build an indie sound bundle and share it from your own Web store. It collects all my knowledge of selling sound on the Internet since 2000, and presents hundreds of tricks and tips.

I wrote this book because I know many of you have excellent sound effects that are waiting to be discovered. I’m excited about the book because I think it is an extremely simple way to help everyone move their great collections out into the world to be enjoyed by listeners everywhere.

It’s the result of a solid three-and-a-half months of writing. I’m very excited to finally share it with you today.

This post will be a brief overview of the book. I’ll also be publishing two articles (article one, article two) with info from the book, starting today. At the end of the post, I’ll also include a discount code for 15% off the new book, which is good for the next 48 hours.

Interested in learning how to build an exceptional sound bundle and share it with thousands of sound pros on the Web? Read on.

About Sharing Sound Online

So, what’s the book about?

Sharing Sound Online covers two broad topics:

  1. How to craft a superior “indie” sound bundle library.
  2. How to share your collection from a Web store you build and run yourself.

Of course, those are just the broad strokes. Each of those topics are explored in extensive detail.

About Sound Bundles

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The book introduces sound bundles. It presents types of packs and approaches for building a sound library. It considers how sounds work together to create strong collections of useful and meaningful sound clips.

It includes a step-by-step guide for building your own sound bundle. You can get a taste for that in an article I’ll be publishing later today.

About Web Shops

Next, the e-book teaches you how to share sound on the Web. It presents Web shops. It explores the anatomy of a Web store. It decodes five types of Web shops by listing pros and cons so you can decide which is best for you. Finally, Sharing Sound Online explains how to craft your Web shop by describing design and structure standards, ideas, and tips.

You can get a feeling for the book’s approach to building an online store in an article I’ll post later this week. Join the free newsletter to have it sent to your email inbox.

About Your Career on the Web

There’s much more in Sharing Sound Online, too. Other chapters explore the advantages and risks of selling sound libraries on the Web, and why you shouldn’t worry. It shares ideas for starting a new online business. It suggests how to craft a professional identity.

Step-By-Step Guides to Sharing Sound

Of course, that’s a lot of information. So, the full Sharing Sound Online package includes three handbooks that guide you through the steps of building a website, creating an online store, and completing everything with daily tasks.

The e-book also lists common sound library and Web shop problems, and how to solve them.

Companion Books - Building, Creating

What Do You Get?

Sharing Sound Online is the most expansive thing I’ve every created. It’s nearly 200,000 words, which is actually more content than the total of every article on this blog written to date. To give you a rough gauge on the length, The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien is ~95,000 words. So, you can expect the books to be packed with tips, tricks, ideas, and suggestions for creating your sound library.

There are two versions of the e-book:

  • Standard Edition: a 130,000 word, 700+ page offering that helps you build a bulletproof sound bundle and share it on a Web store you create and own.
  • Upgraded Edition: almost 200,000 words in four e-books. In addition to Sharing Sound Online, this package includes step-by-step books that explain how to build a website, create a Web store, and complete everything using a 30-day guide. The Upgraded Edition is filled with bonus materials: code snippets, text templates, and tracking sheets.

The books are in DRM-free PDF format packed with hundreds of helpful links to find and use tools to assist you on your journey.

Find more info about Sharing Sound Online and see a list of chapters.

Download a copy of the e-book.

48-Hour Discount

Use the discount code coupon SSOLAUNCH in the checkout for 15% off the total price of either the Standard Edition or the Upgraded Edition.

That means you’ll receive the Upgraded Edition’s four books for the price of the Standard Edition. Or you can just reduce the price of the Standard Edition further.

The price of the books with the SSOLAUNCH discount is:

  • $35.70 for the Standard Edition (regularly $42)
  • $41.65 for the Upgraded Edition (regularly $49)

Learn how to add a discount code.

Visit the e-book page.

Sharing Your Creativity on the Web

I believe that every project we work on or enjoy beyond the studio will be improved by the audio you contribute. I’ve heard your libraries on blog posts and on SoundCloud. I believe every sound designer has a unique approach to creating audio that we need to experience. It helps us enjoy films and games, and inspires us to do better work. Sharing Sound Online was written to help share your remarkable sound with the planet.

Thank you for interest in the new book, and I look forward to hearing your creations online!

– Paul

Read More

Not sure if the book is for you? Want to know more? I’ll be publishing two articles soon:

Learn more about Sharing Sound Online and see a list of chapters, and more.

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