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The Southern Milky Way Above ALMA

It’s fantastic to see that the last year has experienced an explosion of new field recording content. We’re seeing more sound fx libraries are appearing in indie Web shops, more clips on SoundCloud, valuable ideas in podcasts, blog articles, and more.

Our field recording community remains fairly spread out, however. Earlier I had created three pages here on the site to keep track of all of these websites:

Thank you to everyone who has sent me links to share with others.

Check out those pages to find new blogs, listen to sound fx libraries, and connect with others on SoundCloud.

Submitting Websites to the Lists

Things are evolving so quickly that it’s hard to catch every new site that launches. This week I created a new page to help.

Want to list your website here? Do you have a favourite blog you’d like to share? Have I missed a cool site you’ve discovered?

Send me your websites on the new field recording community website submission form page. That form just makes it a bit easier to send me your Web shops, SoundCloud groups, or field recording news sites. That means it will appear on the site faster.

Submit a site there to share it with the rest of the community.

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