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New Sound Effects Sharing Book Arriving Soon - Stack of Books

I’ve often written here that I believe that the entire craft of pro audio improves as more exceptional sound libraries surround us. I believe our field recording community is packed with talented people who capture clips that will inspire us all.

Earlier this year I decided to put my money where my ideas were. Why not put that concept into practice? So, for the past two months I’ve been writing a book that explains how to do two things:

  1. Build an exceptional indie sound library bundle.
  2. Host that collection on a website you own.

The goal of the book is to help everyone share their creations with fans worldwide and find freedom while doing so.

In this post I’ll explain the broad strokes of the project.

What’s the e-book About?

There are three main areas:

  1. Beginning Sharing Sound

    Want to share sound bundles on your own site but don’t know how? The book guides you through the process. It shares benefits and risks. It includes ideas for crafting a store identity, and tips for starting your first small business.

  2. Crafting An Exceptional Sound Collection

    The book explains the best way assemble your finest sound effects or music into a package fans will love. It includes advice for selecting, assembling, and presenting an indie sound library. The book helps you uncover a bundle idea and shape it into an irresistible collection. It shares tips for creating sound packs that will become more than a sum of their clips. There are technical tricks that help make a sound effects or music collection a perfect fit on the Web, too.

  3. Building Your Own Web Shop

    What’s the point of building a bundle if you have nowhere to show it off? So, the book also explores options for showcasing your work on a website you control. It explains the anatomy of a Web shop. It describes the four digital delivery shop categories you can choose from, and presents honest advantages and disadvantages for each. It discusses how they work, why the best ones thrive, and how you can put these ideas to work.

    Web shops are examined in detail with information about cart types, payment processors, SSL, Web servers, and more. There’s advice for shaping the pages and products on your store in a way that cultivates success. There are suggestions for design, structure, and search engine optimization.

My previous book, Selling Creative Sound, explained how to build a bulletproof collection of individual clips and share them on a partner’s website. The next book graduates those ideas: it explores how to assemble those clips into an inspiring collection and share them from your own home on the Web. It explains how to do this to achieve freedom, expressiveness, and creative fulfilment.

It’s written simply. Have no experience with SSL certificates and payment gateways? No problem. Every concept begins with the basics and is supported with ample background info. I’ve written it with an eye towards complete beginners without experience in sound libraries or sharing them on the Web. Those of you who already have sound shops may be interested, too. The ideas will help you focus your store and collections so you can return to recording the sound you love.

The Details

This is information gathered from my experiences sharing sound on the Internet during the last 14 years. It is supported with research from Web design and Internet marketing gurus.

It became a bit larger than I expected. My previous books, Field Recording: From Research to Wrap and Selling Creative Sound were 55,000 and 58,000 words respectively. This guy is quite a bit bigger. The current draft is closing in on 130,000 words. (By comparison, the first Harry Potter book is around 65,000 words.) There are three other supplemental “how-to” books that guide you through the process with another roughly 50,000 words. There’s obviously a lot to say about indie sound bundles and their websites!

Newsletter and e-book Contest

I’ll be launching the e-book soon. Right now it’s headed off to my editor for proof-reading.

In the meantime, I’d like to invite those of you interested in the book to join the free e-book newsletter. This is a special newsletter just about the e-book, separate from anything else I’ll write on the blog. I’ll be sending out free sample chapters there. Also, I will be holding a contest for a free copy of everything I’ve described here in that newsletter. I’ll also share an exclusive discount coupon code with newsletter subscribers in a private, early e-book launch. That info will appear only in the e-book newsletter.

Interested in building an indie sound bundle? Want to deliver your creations on your own Web shop? I’m excited to share this with you. Join the free email newsletter to learn more.

Thank you for your interest!

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