New Kickstarter Project: Medieval Weapons Sound Library for $1


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The gentlemen behind the free Firearm Sound Library are at it again. This time they’ve launched a Kickstarter project to record an entire sound effects library of medieval weapons: bows, axes, daggers, spears, and sabres. The price to join the project and download the entire library? One dollar.

Kickstarter and Sound Libraries

Last year Ben Jaszczak and co. launched an ambitious project. They announced a Kickstarter project to create a pro sound library of dozens of guns and rifles for only $1.

As you probably know by now, Kickstarter is a crowdfunding website which brings hundreds of people together to fund a project they believe in. In return, these “backers” are given a prize, depending on how much they spend. The project begins if it reaches its budget. If not, everyone is safely refunded their money and the project is cancelled.

There’s immense potential in Kickstarter sound collections. An earlier article here predicted that Kickstarter is the future of sound effect libraries. That certainly proved to be true when the the Firearms Sound Library earned over $7,000 in a month.

Many of you were part of that project. Now, they’ve launched another: The Medieval Weapons Sound Effects Library.

About the Medieval Weapons Sound Library

The new collection works the same as the last. Backers are asked to donate $1. In return, they receive the entire sound library. It’s governed by a Creative Commons Zero licence, which means you’re free to use it however you like.

And what about the sound clips themselves? The team plan to record:


  • Avarian recurve bow
  • English longbow
  • Scythian recurve
  • Crossbow
  • Sling
  • Seax
  • Dagger
  • Single axe
  • Double axe
  • Spear
  • “Type X” sword
  • Sabre


  • Leather
  • Mail
  • Plate
  • Shield
  • Flesh

They intend to capture 500 sound effects with multiple takes. They’ve posted a spreadsheet of comprehensive recording coverage as well. That lists their planned takes with variations.

Technical Specifications

The team will be recording the sound effects in 192 kHz 24-bit fidelity on a 744T. No word yet on the microphone selection or the channel layout, but I have left a comment on their page with questions.

Those of you who downloaded the Firearms Library noticed that the metadata and file naming needed a bit love. I explained how to fix the Firearms Sound Effect Library metadata and file name earlier (also here). The team have said they will improve both themselves for the new project.

Supporting Community Libraries

The project requires $5,000 to begin. At the moment, they have raised just under $400 in less than a day. There are 29 days to go. Backing the project requires only a single dollar. If you feel like supporting community sound libraries, you’re welcome to donate as much as you like. The team have shown that they can deliver, and I’m looking forward to hearing a new collection of medieval weapons in the near future.

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