Selling Creative Sound e-Book Now Available!


Selling Creative Sound - Upgraded Edition, Nexus 7

I’m very happy to announce that my e-Book, Selling Creative Sound, is now available for instant download.

It’s my second book about sound effects. It has a new twist: selling sound clips on the Web with fans eager to support you.

I began this book almost exactly one year ago, and I’m thrilled to finally share it with you today. Discover more in the bookstore.

What is it? How can it help you?

I’ll explain the idea behind the book in this post, and why you may want to read more.

Why an e-Book About Selling Sound Libraries?

When I began this blog in 2011, I had no idea I’d be introduced to so many cool and talented people in the field recording community. They own impressive sound effects and music libraries. I’ve also discovered there are hordes of creators and producers thirsty to hear these recordings. The problem?

These collections remain tucked away on hard drives, on isolated blogs, on buried on SoundCloud pages. No one hears them. Fans can’t find them. Why is this?

Sharing sound should be easy. It isn’t. How do you build a sound library that’s not just sufficient, but superior? What’s the right way to share it? Who should you work with? How can you earn a living from selling sound? What dangers should you avoid?

Selling sound is complex, and yet information about this is veiled. The result? Creators have no idea how to share the work, and fans don’t know how to find it.

So, I wrote Selling Creative Sound to help you share your collection to the people eager to hear it and support the work you do.

The Idea Behind The Book

There’s a broader idea behind the book, and it’s one I’ve believed since starting this blog.

I believe that as more powerful, moving sound collections enter the world, all art around us improves. Exceptional sound collections amplify the projects they join. And, what’s more, our experience witnessing these creations is magnified. It’s vital: we need more exceptional sound around us.

I wrote Selling Creative Sound to help others spread these impressive sound libraries into projects and ears of people worldwide. I suggest downloadable Web shops because this method shares sound simply, inexpensively, and with little risk. And, as a pleasant bonus, creators can support themselves in the process.

I hope you’ll find the ideas thought-provoking, and helpful.

I’ll include a bit of boilerplate below to give you an idea of what’s inside the book.

What is Selling Creative Sound?

Selling Creative Sound explains how to assemble an untouchable sound library and share it in the best shops on the Web. It shows you how to do this without risk, and make a living from it.

It describes the intricate world of selling sound: how clips are sold, how Web shops work, and the state of sound effects and music on the Internet today. It presents the options for selling sound and helps you choose.

How does your sound library fit into this complex world? The e-Book explains how to shape your collection wisely to evade competition. It shows how to craft your work not as just a a collection of random tools, but as a powerful library that reflects your personality and creativity. It describes not just how to simply sell sound, but how to sell creative sound.

The e-Book shows you the best way to untangle you from code and liberate you from admin so you can do what you do best: be free and create. Selling Creative Sound does this by sharing the quickest, risk-free way to get your work into the ears of fans: via downloadable shops on the Web. It describes how they think, how to analyze them, partner wisely, negotiate agreements, and construct and maintain relationships. And it explains how to find not just any Web shop, but the best ones on the Internet.

Sharing sound effects is an immense topic. What should you sell? How should you sell it? Who will download your clips? What is most appealing? How can you protect your creations?

Sharing sound online is complex and obscure. Selling Creative Sound shows you how to get started sharing your creativity with low risk and little or no cash.

Is it For You?

It may be. The book is meant for people who want to share their creativity with others, and support themselves while doing so. Anyone can place sound on the Web, of course. Selling Creative Sound is a focused approach to sharing your most evocative creations with not just any Web shop, but the best ones that match your goals.

Are you interested in sharing sound and earning a living from it? Have you asked yourself these questions?

About Sharing Sound

  • Why share sounds worldwide?
  • How can I make cash from the recordings I’ve collected?
  • What are the risks and benefits to sharing sound?

About Selling Sound on the Web

  • How do Web shops sell sound?
  • How do they differ, and which should I choose?
  • How do licensing and royalties work?

About Your Sound Library

  • How can I build an irresistible sound library?
  • Which sounds should I include? Which should I avoid?
  • What key ideas are essential to a bulletproof collection?
  • How do I share music?
  • How do I dodge competition?

About Library Preparation

  • How should I organize my library for Web sharing?
  • How should I name my sounds? What metadata should I include?
  • How should I prepare music tracks?

About Web Shops

  • How do I find Web shops?
  • How do I research? How can I tell the good ones from the bad ones?
  • What’s a good strategy for my sound library?

About Partnering

  • How do distributors think?
  • How do I choose a good partner?
  • How do I decipher a contract?
  • Should I negotiate? About what?
  • How do I get my sound library into their shop?

About Common Problems

  • What can I do if my sounds don’t sell?
  • How do I avoid, or resolve problems with partners?
  • How do I start, and keep plugging away?

Learn More

Interested? Learn more about Selling Creative Sound in the bookstore.

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