Selling Creative Sound e-Book News


My upcoming book Selling Creative Sound is coming along quite nicely.

What’s it about? Well, two things, really:

  1. How to assemble a powerful sound effects or music collection using the pinnacle of your craft.
  2. How to share it in the best Web shops on the Internet.

It contains advice, ideas, and tricks I’ve discovered from the fifteen years I’ve spent sharing sound.

Since I last wrote, I’ve added new chapters I’m quite excited about. They are:

  • What a Badass Sound Library Looks (and Sounds) Like
  • How to Name Sounds, including:
    • What Makes a Sound Name Powerful?
    • Two Ways to Name Sound Effects
  • Expanded sections: links to software and helpful websites.
  • Blending Creativity and Commerce
  • Preparing Your Music Tracks, including:
    • Registering Your Tracks
    • Signing With a Publishing Rights Organization
    • Working with Composers and Publishers
  • Common Problems… And How to Avoid Them, including:
    • Fixing Limp Sounds
    • Strengthening Weak Collections
    • Avoiding the Wrong Partners
    • Getting Out Of a Bad Deal
    • Avoiding Over-Saturation
    • Increasing Low Sales
    • Resolving Distributor Disputes

These sections are in addition to the 102 chapters and 44,000 words already completed and polished.

To give you a taste of what I’ve been writing, I’ll be posting chapters pulled directly from the new e-Book, starting this Wednesday. Stay tuned!

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Update: Selling Creative Sound is now available. Learn more about the e-Book.