2012 Review: Article Roundup



It feels like it has been a busy year here on the blog.

I wanted to share some posts that may interest those who have been visiting only recently.

At the end of every year I write a “roundup” post that collects the best articles from the past year. I also share a few thoughts on them, now that some time has passed since publishing.

I’ll return to writing regular articles in the new year.

Thanks for visiting, writing, and Tweeting the articles!

Field Report Articles

The “field report” articles describe my recording missions, how I conceptualized them, performed them, and what I learned. In 2012 I recorded:

Field Recording Technique

After reviewing the posts from 2012, I realize I’ve written the most about technique. I covered three topics: mastering, field recording, and abstract reflections on technique.

Reflections on Technique

Mastering Technique

Field Recording Technique

Selling Sound Effects

I sell sound effects on line in my own store, Airborne Sound and some others. I share things I’ve learned in e-commerce articles.

Getting Started

Toward the end of 2012 I started writing a few articles for people completely new to sound. Part of this was influenced by a book I was writing about introducing people to field recording. Here are the tips:


I spent a lot of time on research While writing my eBook. Part of this process involved interviewing other sound pros.

  • I interviewed sound pros at universities and colleges worldwide. It explores what students can learn from their programs, and shares the pros’ thoughts, advice, and tips. First article, and the second.
  • I also researched ways to learn field recording outside of conventional institutions. I spoke with recordists who run workshops in the wild, who shared their thoughts on wilderness field recordings.

Tips and Tricks

Various Articles

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