Print Version of Field Recording Book Now Available!


Field Recording Book - Print Version 1

I’m very happy to announce that a print version of Field Recording: from Research to Wrap – An Introduction to Gathering Sound Effects is now available.

It’s published by my imprint, Airborne Publications, and printed by It’s sold directly from their Web shops in America, the United Kingdom, France, and Germany. Find it via the Creative Field Recording bookstore page by clicking the Amazon button at the bottom.

I know I’m biased, but I have to say I am excited with the result. I received a promo copy recently and I am thrilled with the print job.

It’s a paperback. It is six by nine inches, which is the size of a larger fiction book, or just a bit smaller than an iPad. It’s 380 pages. This is more than the digital version, however the content is the same. The page count increased with the differences in print specifications (margins, page size, meddling with the layout of facing pages).

The cover, with its combination of white, silver, and slick, inky black looks classy. I designed the cover’s background texture to look like finely-weaved linen, and gave it a faint luminescence at the top, behind the title. This comes out smoothly in the glossy card-stock cover.

Inside, the paper is a thick, snowy white. The font I chose, Cochin, and the greyscale diagrams (e-Book versions are colour) are crisp on the page.

I mention these details partially because it was interesting sorting them while creating the book. Also, it feels a bit strange to have it in front of me. I’m so used to working on sound effects libraries, websites, and this blog, that it is a bizarre experience to actually hold tangible evidence of a project I’ve worked on in my hands.

If you’re interested in tracking down the book by ISBN, the number is: 978-0-9918014-1-1.

Here are some photos I took myself (on an iPhone, forgive the quality) of the front, back, interior. Click the thumbnails to view larger versions.

Book: Field Recording - With Gear 2 Book: Field Recording - Cover Book: Field Recording - Spine

Book: Field Recording - Pages Book: Field Recording - Interior Table of Contents Book: Field Recording - Interior Diagram

Book: Field Recording - Pages Book: Field Recording - Set on Pages Book: Field Recording - Back Cover

Read more about the book, or visit the Creative Field Recording bookstore.

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