e-Book Update and Sound Pro Interviews


It’s been a busy week since I released the field recording e-Book, and I wanted to share a quick update.

I have been surprised and encouraged by the support and enthusiasm from the field recording community. That includes the Tonebenders trio, Sonic Terrain, Designing Sound, everyone who has re-Tweeted, emailed, and commented on newsletters or forums. I appreciate every message!

And of course, thank you to everyone who has supported me by purchasing the e-Book!

I’ll have more news about the books and future projects soon, but in the meantime, I’d like to get back to sharing ideas about field recording.

So, to start, later today I will be posting the first of a series of three articles interviewing sound pros from across the world. They share their thoughts on learning sound recording skills, and advice on beginning a career in sound. The first of those articles will be arriving at 1300 EST.

Once again, thank you for the support!