Discover A Field Recording Podcast


Are you interested in a podcast about field recording?

Check out the Tonebenders. It’s a podcast discussion about field recording, sound effects, sound design, and gear.

You’re likely familiar with the Tonebenders themselves already. They are prominent sound pros in the industry. They are René Coronado, Timothy Muirhead, and Dustin Camilleri.

I had the pleasure of meeting the Tonebenders recently as we spoke about the importance of sound effects mastering and naming in their fourth episode.

It was a fantastic discussion. They are great hosts, and made me feel completely comfortable despite my nervousness! We chatted about different approaches to mastering, and shared techniques.

There’s also a segment at the end where I discuss my recent e-Book, Field Recording: from Research to Wrap, and share plans for new books.

I had a blast, and I think you’ll enjoy listening to the podcast.

It’s interesting because each episode shares three or four contrasting opinions about field recording techniques. The Tonebenders’ perspectives and experience compliment each others’ perfectly. It’s invaluable for learning about the craft, and for inspiring new ideas.

It’s also recorded, edited, and mixed at high resolution, so it sounds superb.

Another cool feature is their weekly “mailbag” segment where the three pros answer questions from listeners.

Visit the Tonebenders website to hear the podcast. It’s also available on iTunes, and the Tonebenders website has instructions for subscribing. Follow them at @thetonebenders on Twitter.

Many thanks to the Tonebenders for inviting me to their show!