Field Recording: from Research to Wrap e-Book Now Available


My first eBook, Field Recording: from Research to Wrap – An Introduction to Gathering Sound Effects is now available!

It has been a long journey bringing it to publication, and I’m incredibly excited to finally share it with you.

Discover what the e-Book is about, what you will learn, and how it will improve your craft on the bookstore page. You’ll also see the table of contents there, and can download free sample chapters.

I’ll explain a bit about the book in this post, and why it may interest you. But, before I do, I’d like to thank you, the field recording community. Without your forum posts, Twitter conversations, and feedback here and on Airborne Sound, this book simply would not exist. I found inspiration from you all, so in a way, this is your book, too.

But what’s this book about? And why did I write it?

Why a Field Recording e-Book?

I receive a lot of email asking me to suggest books about field recording.

While there are many fine books about studio recording and mixing, I couldn’t find a book dedicated to the craft of field recording itself. We all know that field recording is special, and quite different from other ways of recording audio.

I realized that many people are curious about field recording, and want to know more.

I wanted to help them.

So, I decided to write that book myself.

What Is Field Recording: from Research to Wrap?

Field Recording: from Research to Wrap is an introduction to the craft of field recording.

It is everything I’ve learned from my experience since 1996 recording sound effects for Hollywood films, commercial CD libraries, and premier Web shops, and sharing those sound clips with the world.

It explains who field recordists are, how they work, and what they pursue. It describes what happens during a field recording session from conception to completion, and explains how you can do the same. It also includes a detailed section about problems you may encounter during field recording, and how you will fix them.

What do you get in Field Recording: from Research to Wrap?

It’s a professionally-edited e-Book in 3 parts, with 18 chapters, and 103 sections. It’s 349 pages and over 55,000 words long.

What’s inside?

Check out what the e-Book contains, what you’ll learn from it, and how it can help you in the bookstore.

How is it Different than the Blog?

I created this blog to help people record stronger, more meaningful sound effects, then share them with the world. My goal was to write clearly, and include background to help introduce concepts to people new to sound.

The e-Book written in the same style. However, it goes deeper. Most posts here are limited to 1,500 words, or less. The e-Book freely expands on technique, recording philosophies, and the details needed to successfully capture sound effects in the wild.

Is It For You?

It could be. It’s meant for people new to field recording who want to learn more.

Have you asked yourself these questions?

  • What is field recording?
  • Who are field recordists?
  • Why capture sound effects?
  • How do I begin recording sound effects?
  • What equipment do I need?
  • What happens while field recording?
  • How should I record sound effects?
  • What steps should I take to capture high-quality audio?
  • What advice should I keep in mind while recording?

If you are curious about any of these questions, then this guide is for you. I answer each of them, and more, in Field Recording: from Research to Wrap.

If what you’ve read so far interests you, I’d like to invite you to check out the book on the store. You can also download the free sample chapters on the store page.

Tomorrow I’ll be publishing a synopsis post that describes what you’ll find in main section of the e-Book: how to begin a field recording session, travel through it, and complete it while capturing confident sound effects.

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