Update Nov 2012: Field Recording Book, New Articles, & Discounts


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It’s been a while since I’ve wrote here.

Sorry for the lapse in writing. I’ve been incredibly busy with various projects and clients. That will change, starting this week.

Today’s post is a brief update on what’s been going on with the field recording blog, and the Airborne Sound sound effects website.

I’ll cover:

Field recording book update.
Site changes.
Upcoming articles.
Discounts and deals.

Book Update

I wrote at the end of August that I planned to publish a book about field recording within a month. I realized shortly after that that the book I had been working on, Creative Field Recording, would be better served by publishing a simpler book first.

So, I began writing what became Field Recording: from Research to Wrap.

I wrote for people who love recording sound, but don’t know how to start the craft of field recording. I wanted to explain how to begin recording sound effects beyond the studio, and describe exactly what happens during a field recording session. I wanted to share all the knowledge I’ve gathered over the 15 years I’ve been recording.

This morning I finished the book. I’ll be publishing it as an eBook here and on the Amazon Kindle store next week. I’ll release a print version in December, sooner if possible.

It has been an international effort. An editor from Switzerland proofread the book, and an artist from Hungary drew the diagrams. Facts were checked by top engineers from Los Angeles, Toronto, and Turkey. The process was far more involved than I expected, but was great fun.

I’ll be publishing a sample chapter this Wednesday, and another next week at the launch. Stay tuned!

Learn more about the books.

Edit: The eBook is now live! Read about the eBook.

Site Changes

I’ve cleaned up the site a bit. There’s a new photo that looks more like myself (everyone said the previous one looked horrible). I still couldn’t manage to smile for the camera, but trust me, I’m not really that grim!

I also wrote a page for people just arriving here. The Start Here page will get you show you around. Want to catch up on older articles with tricks, tips, and audio samples? Visit the Archives, where you can flip through old issues by month or year.

I’ve also hired a coder to create the new social media widget. That’s the “Readers & Listeners” widget to your right. I did that to create a feeling of community here. You can follow the site on your favorite social media. Click them to connect with others that love field recording, creativity, and sharing sound, or to keep in touch.

Upcoming Articles

I’ve seen a few articles floating around the web that discuss the hot topic of copyright and sound libraries. I’ll be finishing my series on Airborne Sound about copyright and your sound library on the Airborne Sound blog shortly. Read the series, or visit the blog.

Field Recording: from Research to Wrap involved a lot of research. During this process I spoke with sound pros and professors. After the book is launched I’ll be publishing a series of interviews with these sound pros, and the courses and workshops they offer. Their responses are still trickling in, but the ones I have so far are dynamite. I’m excited to share these with you. They’ll be published in early December.

I also have some articles planned that explain how to build a sound library, and tips for publishing your own bundle or pack on the Web.

Discounts and Deals

I don’t post on Twitter that much any longer, though I do check in from time to time. The best way to follow this blog is via the free newsletter. I’ll be sending out a newsletter next week with discounts for the book. Sign up to get the discounts!

To celebrate returning to writing on the blog I’m offering a discount on my sound effects website, airbornesound.com. The code JETSTREAMING will get you 25% off any purchase on airbornesound.com. The code is good until the end of the week, November 25th.

You can use it to pick up some HD sound bundles. The Steam Train, Whooshes, and Variety 1 collections are popular. Use the code at checkout to get 25% off those packs, or anything else you’d like in the store.

Airborne Sound now has a guest checkout, so you don’t even need to register if you don’t want to.

Thank You

And finally, thank you all for your patience, support, feedback, and insight. Have a great week, and see you back here Wednesday.

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