Update: A New Project & Staying In Touch


Today I wanted to share an update on the blog and Twitter.

Also, I’ll share an exciting announcement I’ve wanted to tell you about for some time.

Staying in Touch

Lately I haven’t been that active on Twitter, or the blog. Why? Well, I’ve been undertaking some exciting, larger projects that have consumed me (more below).

I’m taking a new direction in field recording (more on this later as well), and I’ll be writing fewer, but more focused, posts.

Also, I’ve almost completely removed my fingerprints from social media. It’s incredible medium. I’ve really enjoyed meeting everyone and interacting. But, given my work schedule, I’ve needed to put it at arms length. So, like I wrote in the past on focusing and productivity, I’ve shifted to following websites and blogs in a way that fits better with my workflow: via RSS instead of Twitter or LinkedIn.

So, the best way to stay in touch is to join the free newsletter. I’ll be posting new articles on field recording, sound effects and travel there, or on the site directly. I won’t be communicating via LinkedIn or Twitter as much.

Also, if you want to get in touch with me personally, please do so. I love reading your ideas, feedback, criticism and thoughts. If you have questions, write, and I’ll do my best to help you.

Email is best. Use the form to send a message.

A New Project

There are two reasons I haven’t posted in a few weeks. The first reason was a demanding gig, which is now finished.

The second is that I’ve been writing about sound. For large projects I write in binges: usually 10 hours days, 7 days a week. Why so intensely? When I’m lucky, I get a cascade of ideas quickly, and keep writing relentlessly so that ideas don’t escape me. When this happens, it tends to completely consume my concentration.

What is this project?

It’s two field recording e-Books!

One is complete. I’m really satisfied with it, and I’m quite excited to share it. It just needs a photo for the cover. This book answers the most common email questions:

  1. How to create a compelling sound effects library.
  2. How to share your sound clips on the Web.

While re-reading it earlier this summer, I realized I was getting ahead of myself. The book describes shaping your sound library, and assumes you already have field recording experience. I realized I wanted to take a step back and talk about field recording itself, first.

So, I decided to write a second book. The second book is an introduction to field recording. That book is 90% done. I’ll be publishing it first, and it will be available as an Amazon Kindle e-Book within the month. I’ll have more info about this as the work continues.

I’m very excited to share both of these.

If you’re interested in hearing more, sign up for the free newsletter.

And thank you to all who have emailed, Tweeted, re-Tweeted and linked to the site. I appreciate your support!

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