Update: Improved RSS Feed Now Live


We have a new RSS feed, and it’s far better than the last one.

It’s an improved way to receive and view new sound effects articles from our site.

Why RSS Feeds?

If you’re new to RSS, RSS feeds are a free way of tracking articles. When you subscribe to an RSS feed, you are notified when new articles are published.

This is helpful since it means you don’t need to visit sites to see when a new article is published. Instead, websites let your RSS tracker know when there is a new article so you don’t have to hunt down new posts.

(RSS is also completely private: feeds don’t know who you are and you can remove them at any time. They’re pretty much anonymous reading.)

Browsers like Safari have native support for RSS readers. Most other RSS readers (also known as trackers) are free. I’ve been using a great one for iOS called Reeder. Google Reader is another browser-based option I’ve been using and it’s also good.

When you add many RSS feeds, you’re able to see all new articles and posts from many websites at a quick glance. This is far better than visiting your favourite websites one after another just to see if anything is new.

Our new RSS feed

Our new RSS feed has the same info and stories as the old one. It just looks much better.

Feedburner RSS Sample ImageIt uses the (free) Feedburner service to display the information more attractively. It also has some options for subscribing with just one click via other services you may already have (Yahoo, Google, etc) .

If you’re a fan of RSS, you’re welcome to update to the new Feedburner feed here.

Here’s the raw link here:

You can also click the orange icon in the upper right of the menu bar to see the feed.

Of course, you’re welcome to keep in touch with us in other ways if you prefer. Follow us on Twitter, or subscribe to our free email newsletter.