Update: A New Blog


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It has been a good month for writing. In the post-holiday downtime I’ve banged out over a dozen articles about sound effects and field recording.

I started this blog a bit over ten months ago. It has been a great experience returning to writing. I can’t thank you enough for your encouragement, criticism, feedback and re-tweets. I’m really enjoying this.

When I started writing for Creativefieldrecording.com all I knew was I wanted to write about field recording. I wrote whatever came to my mind. It’s been fascinating to see what people like best. Some posts had great responses and comments. Some not so much. It’s been ten months and I’ve settled down into a solid direction for the articles.

For the next year I have decided I will focus on four broad subjects here:

  • field recording sessions
  • travel and sound fx (it is called Creative Field Recording, after all)
  • creativity and sound
  • selling or sharing sound clips

A new blog

What about the rest? Some of you like reading about equipment. I have a few ‘first look’ gear reviews, as well as a few how-to tutorials written.

I also want to share information specific to my sound library website, Airborne Sound.

Creating and launching Airborne Sound was a huge undertaking. I’ve put a lot of work into it. I’ve received a lot of requests for info about how to create this kind of site, how to run it and market it.

I’m also excited for Airborne Sound’s potential as a tool for sound editors. I’ve learned a lot after working for over ten years with many of the existing downloadable sound effects websites. I’ve put all that experience into airbornesound.com. I tweak that site continually so there’s always news of new sound effects, new website features, discounts and so on.

These topics don’t quite fit with what I’m writing for Creative Field Recording. People seem to come here to read about field recording and creativity. Promo codes, tutorials and that sort of thing belong in a better place.

So I recently created a blog right on Airborne Sound.

On that blog I’ll be writing about:

  • tutorials and how-tos for beginners
  • new sound effects
  • discount codes
  • hardware and software reviews
  • website updates
  • feature highlights

So, if you’re interested in reading about these things and seeing what’s new with the company, click on over. It would be great to see you there.

I have a few announcements, plus a first-look review of the Drobo hard drive system there already.

You can find the new blog at www.airbornesound.com/news. There’s also an automatically-updating RSS feed. And of course there’s the ‘News‘ button in the header at Airborne Sound.

I’ll post on Tuesdays. New articles on Creative Field Recording will appear Wednesdays.

I’ll be cross-Tweeting between the two blogs for a little while, just so you won’t miss anything.

Let me know what you think in the comments, or on Airborne Sound’s Twitter account, which is @airbornesound.

Thanks again for your support, page views, comments and feedback. All the best in 2012.


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